Week 7

My FIRST blog post! The story of how I found out: I was supposed to get my period last Tuesday, and it didn't come. Now, this is not ab...

My FIRST blog post!

The story of how I found out:
I was supposed to get my period last Tuesday, and it didn't come. Now, this is not abnormal for me at all, so I disregarded it. Then my boobies got really sore, which wasn't a big deal to me as well because that's not abnormal at that time of the month :) But Friday, I was nauseous and threw up for no reason. As I did on Saturday. My stomach felt weird all weekend. Then yesterday morning, I woke up from my hives (which I will talk about in a few) at 4am and then couldn't go back to sleep. An hour later I was getting sick again. I thought to myself "enough is enough, i'm going to the store to get a pregnancy test because there's too many signs..."...so I went...

and...2 blue lines! Positive! At this point, Jeremy was still sleeping and I didn't want to wake him up, so I called my sister (whom I knew would be up with her 3 year old). We talked for an hour until Jeremy got up, and he came into the spare room (where I came at 4am when I was wide awake). I asked him to lay with me and he did. I told him I had something to tell him and when I did, he had a huge smile on his face and hugged me. He was so happy too! WOOHOOO!

I went to the doctor yesterday afternoon. I'm 7 weeks :) So I am being sent to a special lab to get my bloodwork done (I have to go sometime in the next couple weeks), and I also have to go to a breast specialist to get an ultrasound of my boobie that has a weird lump in it...or weird according to the doctor yesterday. Because for all she knows, it's normal anyways. Just making me worried for no reason hopefully. So i'm waiting on them to call me to schedule an appointment.

So about my hives. I've had them for almost 2 months now, numerous times a day. I had an appointment at an allergist tomorrow but...yesterday morning, when they woke me up at 4am, was the last time I've had them. So odd. I found out I was pregnant and they magically disappear. Odd, but AWESOME! So I figured that they started around the same exact time as I got pregnant. My body was telling me THAT long ago...

Katie bought us some books yesterday to read and I already finished mine :)

Jenny McCarthy is really funny, and talked about quite a few things about being pregnant that I had no idea. I don't even want to go into them, some of them are SO DISGUSTING. Haha. No wonder it was the first time i've heard of them...haha.

So besides the morning sickness (which does not ONLY happen in the morning, by the way), I am pretty emotional. Pretty little, stupid things make me cry. Great. And I thought it was bad before. Hopefully Jeremy realizes this baby is taking me over!! Haha.

Anyways, enough for today :) More tomorrow...

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  1. That was really cute Joan, I enjoyed it and I think I knew most of the story!!! haha...excited to go book shopping tomorrow! I invited Ronda to come if she's up here too. Hope you have a good night xoxo


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