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I really wanted Porter to be an Octopus for Halloween, for a while now. I originally was asking my mom to make it, but since I got her old ...

I really wanted Porter to be an Octopus for Halloween, for a while now. I originally was asking my mom to make it, but since I got her old sewing machine, I decided to do it myself. I really had no idea what to do though. I looked online for octopus baby costumes and it literally brought up 1 or 2 handmade costumes. Shoot. Someone had used socks for theirs, so I decided to use tights. I googled Octopuses and looked at a bunch of real ones and kinda went off of that.

So here ya go.

I dyed the white tights green with Rit Dye.
This is what they ended up looking like after being dyed.
I then rubber banded all of the tights separately, and a onesie as well. After they were done, I soaked them in Soda Ash (for tie-dying).
Viola! Done! I used blue and yellow dye and once they were washed and dried-
I cut the legs from the top part of the tights. 
I then sewed the feet to be more pointy.
Then, I stuffed each one.
After they were stuffed, I cut out felt circles to use on the bottom of the legs, for tentacles. 
Each felt circle was hot glued on.
Sorry for the lack of photos after the last step. I used thick ribbon for the waist and hot glued all of the legs to the ribbon.
And the hat- it's two of the tops parts of the tights sewn together, and I sewed felt eyes to it. It also has stuffing in the top to create a more cone-like shape.

And I sincerely apologize for not having a picture of a person (i.e. Porter) in the costume. He's been teething the last couple of days and PISSED so I haven't gotten a chance to put it all on him at the same time. Soon I promise!!

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  1. girl, that is fabulous! I am so jealous... I have such an itch to learn to sew! Just haven't found the time for it yet... or resources... like, you know, a sewing machine :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that is awesome! I'm totally inspired. :)

  3. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, and totally LOVE that you made your own costume!! Can't wait to see what it looks like on. Hope the teething stage goes by fast for you.

  4. Can't wait for the big costume w/Porter included... reveal! :) He'll be adorable! What a sweet costume!

  5. so awesome! What a great costume! :)

  6. What a great idea! I bet it'll look so cute! I hope he feels better :)

  7. Oh my goodness!!! This is soooo cute!!!!!! Hope your little man feels better soon! xx

  8. Vance & Lori HarrisOctober 29, 2011 at 12:02 PM

    Wow, this idea is EPIC. i can't wait to see him in it!


  9. SugarblossomboutiqueOctober 29, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    i love that costume!! it turned out AWESOME! i have a bottle of the same kelly green rit dye that id on't know what to do with, haha.

  10. Thanks! That color green is really pretty!

  11. Haha thanks, I can't wait either!!

  12. Thanks! He was feeling a lot better today thank god!! :)

  13. Haha thanks, I will reveal it as soon as it happens!

  14. Hahaha...go buy a cheapo! Mine is my mom's old one from literally like, 15 years ago :)

  15. whoa, this is CUTE. you are so talented! : )

  16. What an awesome idea! Can't wait to see the pic of Porter IN the costume. :) This is so creative... and I'm glad you gave us a step by step! Following you now from the follower's fest! :)


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