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This post is a little late (ok, almost 2 weeks late...i've been busy!), but better late than never! Porter- Seven months old....

This post is a little late (ok, almost 2 weeks late...i've been busy!), but better late than never!


Seven months old. You are so big compared to what you were when you were born!

You eat lots of food now. Three meals a day, and a handful of bottles as well. You just tried your first meat a week ago or so (chicken). You love it, of course :) You pretty much like anything we give you. You also love love love to get big chunks of cantaloupe and melon to suck on. It keeps you busy while I make whatever you are eating for that meal.
You go to sleep usually around 6 or 6:30, but lately have been waking up an hour later and then don't want to go back to bed right away. Tonight you woke up, but fell right back asleep, so we'll see what happens tomorrow. I'm thinking that it could just end up turning into a late nap and you want to get up for another hour or two. Which I honestly wouldn't mind, because maybe you would sleep past 6am more often! Today, you were up at 4:45am, wide awake. Mama can't do that peanut...too tiiiired.
You move yourself all the way across our bed, and are slowly figuring out that you are capable of moving yourself.
You reach for EVERYTHING.
You love empty plastic water bottles because you can squeeze them and make them crinkle.
Lola and Lucy still make you smile :)
Kitty kitty comes and hangs out with us every morning on the floor in the living room for a while- while the dogs are sleeping with Jeremy still.
You smile and laugh constantly. You are still such a happy baby.
"Barnyard Dance" is your favorite book, and has been since I first read it to you a few months ago. You always smile at the "cock-a-doodle-do" part.
You have completely mastered rolling from back to belly and do it all the time, even while being changed (which is really freakin cute seeing that little booty stickin' up in the air!).
You are pretty much sitting up on your own.

My favorite times of day are the mornings when we get up and we listen to music and dance in the living room, and when you wake up from your afternoon nap and I lay in bed with you for a few minutes and you "talk" to me, and play with my face. It's the most adorable thing ever.

You love your Dad and it's so awesome to see you both interact. When he wakes up in the morning and we've been up for a while, and when you first see him your face lights up and you get a huge smile on your face.

I can't believe how fast you are growing, but I am enjoying seeing you grow :) I love to watch you and see you're mind working, it's so amazing. I love you so much :)


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