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This is funny. Well, not pee your pants funny, maybe more ironic funny. Porter's been "teething" for months now...according ...

This is funny. Well, not pee your pants funny, maybe more ironic funny.

Porter's been "teething" for months now...according to the doctor. So often times, when he's not himself, I blame it on teething.

Until a couple of nights ago.


I went to bed around 12:30am. About 3am, he awakes. SCREAMING. He eats a little bit, but isn't interested. All he really wants to do- is scream. For 3 hours people. THREE HOURSSSSS. In the middle of the night.
And I have a confession to make (momfail?)...

I put in these little pink earplugs I have. We still cuddled, I just had earplugs. You see, he sleeps next to me at night, and i'm not about to give up my bed. Yeah right. So earplugs it was. Well let me tell YOU. Those dang earplugs didn't work like they did at that music festival last year when I was trying to sleep and people were partying until 10am. Porter screaming a foot from my ear is SO much louder.

So yeah. That night was horrible. And the next day he didn't nap very much either, which was also horrible because I couldn't nap, and I got about 3 hours of sleep the night before, if that.

So NOW I know what teething is REALLY like...I wonder what was wrong all those other times? ;)

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  2. *Holy freaking Shoot*, we're right there with you sista'! Last night was a whip! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Excited to follow your blog!

  3. oh, and I'm from crazymaydays.blogspot.com

  4. Try a teething necklace, Aidric's has helped. Also Hyland makes teething tablets that could very well become your best friend. And if all else fails, Tylenol. Puts them straight out. If you do decide to get an Amber teething necklace, make sure its baltic amber. And the lighter the color the better.

  5. haha, this is hilarious! the joys of being a mom, right?! ;)
    thanks for following me hunn! i'm returning the sweet favor. :)
    happy halloween and don't forget about entering my GIVEAWAYYY! southernpinky.blogspot.com

  6. Elliot grew 6 teeth at about six months. And now she's ten months and she's growing 6 more, 4 of which are molars. She handles it pretty well (except for sleeping, ugh!), but I discovered this tutorial for microwaveable biscuit teether breadstick thing and it's seriously been a life saver. It's so quick and easy and I just make a new one everyday. It will keep her happy for literally hours. Brilliant.


  7. I literally got up from the computer and reading this comment and went to the kitchen to make one of those teething biscuits! GENIUS!!!! Thanks for the tip...i'm totally doing a post here on my blog about that because everyone should know about it :) Porter is now 8 months and still has no teeth...i'm expecting one any day!


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