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Hi friends :) -So among the 789374 reasons i've been giving about why I haven't been keeping up with my blog, I don't think th...

Hi friends :)

-So among the 789374 reasons i've been giving about why I haven't been keeping up with my blog, I don't think that I mentioned that my computer has been being retarded lately. It wouldn't charge, and also wouldn't even run when the cord was plugged in. Well, it was hit or miss...sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn't. So I kinda just stayed away from it because it pissed me off more than anything. But the good news is, I got a new cord and it works now! All the time! :)
-Work has been going well. I work in the restaurant of a golf course (bartending) so business really relies on the weather. And because it's spring, the weather has not been so great. It has been snowing for the last two days, yes, SNOWING. And if it hasn't been snowing, it's been rainy. So yeah, it's def not helping business, but it's been so dry here and there have been a lot of fires, so really we need it. But I can't help being excited for the summer to be in full swing around here! I am working 4 days a week, Monday-Thursday. The hours are good, and I still get to be with Porter pretty often. And i've been meeting lots of new people, which is seriously great.
-Porter is THIS close to walking. He's been standing on his own for short amounts of time, and he's getting braver and braver about letting go of stuff.
-Oh yeah, I mentioned the other day that he had to go to the ER. He did. He had a runny nose and eventually starting coughing a lot, and after about a week of that, one night he started wheezing and seemed like he was having a hard time breathing, so we took him in. They ended up giving him a breathing treatment, steroids, and chest x-rays. Nothing major was wrong...and he was fine within a few days of that trip...so all is well :)
-I am working on taking pics of my bedroom. It's done (for the most part), and i'm excited to show you!
-Porter is signed up to go to "school" starting in June. He'll be going 3 days a week while i'm at work. I can't wait for him to get to spend time with kids his age, I think it'll be really good for him!
-Jeremy has P one night a week and every other weekend. I was really nervous to be away from him that much, but in all honesty...it's nice to have a break. It really is. And he's only 5 mins away if I want to see him. It's going much better than I imagined it would.
-Tuesdays and Wednesdays kick my ass. Katie and I switch off watching the kids. She watches them during the day while I work, and I watch them at night while she works. So I get ready for work with P getting into EVERYTHING, then work all day, then get both kids by 4:30 (their happiest time of day...NOT). We play for a bit, I make dinner, give them a bath, put P to bed, and hang out with Lily for a bit. I am SO EXHAUSTED come 9pm.
-I paint my nails a new color every few days. That makes me happy people, very happy :)

Ok, that's all I can think of right now.
Off to bed.

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  1. Sounds like things are going great friend!

  2. Glad your son is okay! Mine had to get the steroid inhaler bit two winters in a row when he was wee. Totally scary to look at but he got better so quickly afterward. #UBP


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