Potty training...

It's happening! I haven't really thought much into how I plan on going about "potty training" Porter, except a couple...

It's happening!
I haven't really thought much into how I plan on going about "potty training" Porter, except a couple months ago I went out and got a little potty for him, set it in the bathroom, and put him on it naked.
He pretty much laughed at me and forgot about it.
So today, right before dinner his cloth diaper kinda fell off, so I just let him run around diaper and pants-less. We had dinner, then went downstairs to hang out for a bit.
He started to pee on the floor, so I grabbed him quick and sat him on his little potty.
He kept pointing at the big one, so I was like "Well, guess we'll try that".
So I sat him on it and with a minute or so of coercion, he actually peed!
We were Facetiming with his Dad the whole time (we had been when he started to pee on the floor),
so we both praised him a ton and he seemed so proud!
I was excited, but kinda just figure it was a fluke.
We went back into the living room to hang out.
About 15 minutes later, he walked to the bathroom door and was trying to open it.
He kept looking at me, so I got up and brought him in there, set him on the toilet, and he peed again!
This time, I was seriously PUMPED.
He knew he had to pee, and went there himself.
Then about a half hour later, he did the same thing, and peed in the toilet again.
Does he actually know what's going on now??
I guess we'll see tomorrow...
We just may be heading to the store to buy Pull-ups :)

This is seriously the best day EVER! :) :) :)

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  1. I "get" your excitement!!! Congratulations, little Porter! Our son just turned 4 and still won't go #2 in the potty, which he only just started peeing in about 6 months ago. I WISH I was one of those moms who are all, "Potty training was so eeeeasy." They train themselves when they're ready, I suppose.


  2. That's kinda where I'm at- I figured I can't force something, he'll do it when he's ready. I just never thought it would happen this soon, but I'm so happy it did, knock on wood! Tomorrow is a new day, haha, he could forget all about it by the time he wakes up!


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