I need this space

I need a place to go to write and so i'm back. I'm back and i'm really excited to have this little piece of the internet to call...

I need a place to go to write and so i'm back. I'm back and i'm really excited to have this little piece of the internet to call mine again :) I'm currently phasing out Facebook, which has been interesting and awesome (for another time in another post). But I figured out that I need a place to share pictures and thoughts and memes so i'm back here again. I also plan on doing some more sewing too so maybe some tutorials again also? We'll see! Of course lots of posts about Porter. He's starting first grade in a month...AHHHHH.
I've been working on some posts already and they're kinda all over the place, ha.
So I'm not sure what this space will turn into this time, I just do know that I need it and i'm not neglecting it anymore!

I've been thinking a lot lately about the people I choose to have in my life. Especially most recently. I look back at the people i've literally chosen to trust and care about and it makes me want to put my head through a freaking wall. 

Anyway, about the netflix I was watching....

The girl on the show was giving her friend advice, trying to get through to her regarding her life in general I guess, and she said something along the lines of...

"I'm trying to help you, let you, decide about things, and not let them just, happen to you. It's so simple about being happy. It's about making decisions instead of letting life just sort of sucker punch you into the next situation."

SO FUCKING SIMPLE. It hit home so hard when I heard that. I need to make some changes, solid fucking decisions, to stop doing the same thing over and over and getting sucker punched into the next situation. Like, literally. 

Right now, i'm deciding to value myself and my worth and take life by the freaking horns. I'm no longer putting my happiness into anything that makes me unhappy and question myself more than i'm actually happy and feel good. I'm going to focus on being a better person (because i'm not going to sit here and deny it - I haven't been the best person and most importantly, I haven't been good to ME. I've made some bad decisions and let the worst of me come out at times and that shit's just gotta go). I'm going to let things go that aren't healthy for me - relationships, habits, the way I deal with my feelings in all the wrong ways, hope that people will just miraculously change - and i'm going to start over. 
Right now. Because why not? It's never too late. 

I want a better life and i'm going to fucking make it happen. I know what I want and i'm not going to settle for anything less. I'm tired of giving up the things that mean the most to me for stupid, superficial things and trying so hard to make things what they'll never be. If any of that makes sense, haha. 


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