It's been tooooo long!

I have access to the internet for a little bit, so i'm here to update. I don't have too many pics of our place yet because it's...

I have access to the internet for a little bit, so i'm here to update. I don't have too many pics of our place yet because it's still mostly a mountain of boxes, but here's a few of us painting our rooms before stuff was moved in :)

Here are a couple before pics of my room...
And after...I painted three walls grey, and one the tiffany blue color. I also painted the back wall of my walk-in closet the blue color too. I'm considering painting all the trim white...we'll see!
And this is Katie's room...we painted the top an off white color, and the bottom blue. And since these pictures have been taken, we painted a dark brown chair rail in the middle of each wall.
Our help, Adam and Jason.
Such awesome friends...we had so much fun that night :)

I really miss blogging...i'm even so behind on reading everyone's blogs because I just can't read for very long on my iPhone. I did get 3G for my iPad, but i've used most of that on watching Revenge, haha. I had never seen it until a week ago, and i'm addicted! SO GOOD! So instead of unpacking I watched all 16 episodes of that over the past 5 or 6 days, haha.

Anyways, we've gotten the downstairs living room almost put together (minus a bunch of boxes still left to unpack) and the upstairs living room and dining room are almost put together too (also minus a bunch of boxes still not unpacked). My bedroom is getting there- my closet is still a mountain of clothes, and there's some random stuff strew on the dresser and floor, but like I said, it's getting there! The kids' room is still a mess...Porter's crib is set up, but Lily's bed still needs to be, and a bunch of boxes need to be unpacked in there as well.
But- we love our new place.

Hopefully we'll have the internet sooner than later...but moving is expensive and it's kinda been put on the back burner (not to mention that we most likely have to pay a deposit to even get cable/internet set up because both of our credits aren't amazing) :( 
I don't miss tv, but I freakin' miss the internet A LOT. 
Blogging mostly.

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  1. Yay! Excited to see the end result! I love that blue/gray combo!

  2. Thanks! I can't wait for it to BE done!

  3. Lovin the paint colors! btw, i don't know what cell phone carrier you have, but with Verizon you can get internet through your phone, on up to 5 computers for $20 a month. We used that for a while when we first moved and it was decent.

  4. Thanks! We ended up getting Comcast (just basic cable, which requires no deposit) and we've dealt with so many issues with them that they ended up giving us a free DVR and 3 months free of cable and internet, and waiving the deposit! :) :) :)


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