Love Bracelet (WIN ONE!)

I need your advice! I made this bracelet the other day...  And I wrapped it to make it more colorful... Should I put these up in ...

I need your advice!
I made this bracelet the other day...
 And I wrapped it to make it more colorful...
Should I put these up in my Etsy shop? Would people buy them??
And should I offer them plain, like the first picture, and colored as well??
Let me know friends :)

Actually, how about this! If you leave a comment with your advice, it'll enter you in a contest to
Just one comment per person, and in that comment tell me what color you prefer, or if you like it just plain!

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  1. I love this! I would want one just plain with no color. You should definitely put this in your etsy shop because I think people would buy it! I know I would! The color is pretty but not really my style. And it seems like a time consuming step for you! But you could offer it because I am sure someone out there would want one in every color!

  2. this is awesome! i would totally wear one. color or not, it is lovely!

  3. Definitely! I kind of like it plain! But color would be cute too, really any color! Maybe black?

  4. I'd soooooo love one!! SELL THEM!!! :)


  5. oh, and I'd like it in blue!! :)

  6. Amanda GingerichJune 5, 2012 at 9:19 PM

    It's so pretty, I definitely think people would buy it. :) I really like it plain.

  7. I think this would be a great item to add to your Etsy shop! i love how creative you are! I would like either plain or magenta.

  8. LOVE it! I think yellow would be amazing :) I would totally buy one of these pretties!

  9. i love it! i like it plain. :)

  10. Love it! I would buy it if you did. I like it wrapped and unwrapped, but I like it wrapped the best.

  11. Hey doll!! Love the bracelet!!! :) I hope you're doing well, I am still in the process of "getting my shit together" here in Denver, I have to move out AND buy a car within the next 2 months! Ahh!! But hopefully me and my roommate (great guy, good friend of mine, you'll like him!) will be renting a house in the highlands after we move outta here (oct 1) and then you and me can get together and do fun stuff!! I have to do a lot of buckling down here for about 8 weeks but then I should be good to go! I've just been busy working, haven't done much fun stuff this summer besides tubing down clear creek in golden. I got sucked under last night and messed up my knee so bad I had to go to the walk in today, ouch!! Anyways I love the blog, I have it bookmarked and check it from time to time. Porter looks like the happiest kid ever!! Take care sweetie! :) -Shan


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