A little Porter update...

P is almost 18 months old, and JUST started using signs. We started them around 4 or 5 months, and he never seemed to be interested in ...

P is almost 18 months old, and JUST started using signs. We started them around 4 or 5 months, and he never seemed to be interested in them. I'm not gonna lie- I got lazy around 1 year old and stopped signing with him. Apparently his dad didn't, because he is now signing "Eat, Milk, and Bath"
Go Porter! 
He isn't really using them to TELL us what he wants yet, but when I say it's time to eat, he starts doing the "Eat" sign, and so forth. 

Speaking of eating, I swear this kid amazes me on the daily. When I tell him it's time to eat, he'll go to the cabinet where his high chair and towel is. We use the kind of high chair that connects onto the counter, so I put a towel under him for all the food that ends up on the floor. Anyway, we'll go to the cabinet and i'll grab the high chair and he takes the towel and goes over to where he eats and put the towel where it's supposed to go, it's sooo cute.

He's also become scared of the shower head, haha. Often times when he takes a bath, I will leave the faucet running a tiny bit so he can fill cups with it and play in the dripping water. One day he figured out how to push up the little thing that makes the shower turn on, and the water that was dripping from the faucet started coming from the shower head, getting all over him, and freaked him out. So now when he takes a bath, I take the shower curtain and wrap it around the shower head so he can't see it, and that seems to work. 

He LOVES to be outside. A few mornings ago, we were hanging out in the living room and he brought me his shoes, so I put them on him. He then proceeded to go to the front door, OPEN it, and went outside. We have the kind of door handles that you pull down, and he's figured them out. So now when we hang out in the house, I have to deadbolt the front door so he doesn't escape!

He is getting more and more interactive with the dogs. He gives them hugs all the time :)

He literally shrieks and screams in delight when Jeremy gets here to pick him up...he loves his Daddy.

He's got 7 teeth now! He got a new one on the bottom last weekend, and one of his molars is just about to come in too. No wonder the kid was up for 2 hours in the middle of the night a few nights ago...

He tries to run now. That's fun, especially when he's in the driveway and he falls. NOT. He wants to be fast, but doesn't realize he's not quite that coordinated yet!

He gave me a kiss goodbye the other day. He actually put his lips out for me! He doesn't do that often, and I love it :)

He was in his first wedding (his Uncle Josh's) this weekend...I wasn't there, but hopefully I'll have some pics (besides the couple Instagram one's I recently posted) to post soon!

He loves to fill things up. Like, in the bath he has a big empty juice jug and one of his old bottles, and he will sit there for a half an hour and fill and refill the juice jug with the bottle. And he can perfectly aim the water from the bottle into the jug.

He loves music, as you can see from the video above. Even his teachers commented on how much he loves it...maybe it's because mom and dad constantly listen to music...i'm just glad he's already showing a love for it because it's such a big part of our lives...

Honestly, it's just crazy how fast he's growing and figuring stuff out. I am literally astounded every single day by the things he does...he's so smart!

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