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About two weeks ago, we took Porter out of "school" for a few different reasons... First of all,  the point of puttin...

About two weeks ago, we took Porter out of "school"
for a few different reasons...

First of all, 
the point of putting him in in the first place 
was for somewhere for him to be while his dad and I worked. 
I signed him up for 3 days a week, from 9am-3pm.
Well, since I work mostly nights, it didn't really coincide with my job.
It was a lot of money for him to be there. 
And lately, i've felt like I would rather him be with me on my days off than there, 
because I felt like I wasn't seeing him as much as I wanted to.

When I had signed him up for school for this year (back in June or July, mind you),
I signed him up for Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
School for the year happened to start on a Tuesday, so I brought him...
only to find out that his class was full on Tuesdays, and we weren't on the list.
The director made me change Tuesdays to Wednesdays.
So there's that.
Then, after he had been there during the summer program using his cloth diapers,
his new teachers decide to tell me that it's too big of a hassle 
and I needed to pack disposables.
Really? Too big of a hassle? F off. Seriously.

I am so much happier now that he's home with me.
And I honestly feel as though he spends enough time with other kids,
and doing fun things,
that it's not a big deal he's not there right now.
He's two.
I also work for MOPS on Fridays, in the daycare, and he comes with.
So he's got a couple hours of "daycare" still each week.
Except he's with me :)

I feel like I now make more of a point to plan fun things,
and I actually get MORE done with him not there.
Before, when he was there, I would end up coming back home and sleeping half the day away.
Now, we get up and instead of me coming back home and going to sleep,
we go do things. 
Even if it's errands, I get out of the house more with him than I did without him.
Weird, but I do. 

Tonight when I got off work, I picked him up and we met with my friend Kristy for dinner.
There happened to be a guy there playing guitar and singing,
so we danced.
I wasn't worried about getting him home in time to bathe 
and go to sleep in order to get to school in the am. 
We just danced and spun and laughed and it was amazing.

Tomorrow (after his speech therapy), 
we're going ice skating.
His first time ever, I can't wait :)
If all goes well, we're going to go once a week.

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