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Ok, well I wish I could say that and it actually mean something- but, I can't. Porter says Mom, and Dad (I don't hear this one, but ...

Ok, well I wish I could say that and it actually mean something- but, I can't.
Porter says Mom, and Dad (I don't hear this one, but his dad claims he says it). I've gotten him to say kitty kitty a couple of times on separate days, and doggie a couple times within a couple minutes one day. Aaaaand that's it.
He signs milk, more, all done, bath, and eat. He points to things, he knows what he wants and communicates in his own ways, he "reads" his books to me and himself in his babble, he makes the same sounds over and over like he's trying to tell me something, but I want to hear that little 20 month old voice TALK to me :(
I've heard that no one will really do anything about his speech until he's two (i.e. speech therapy), is that true? And what can I do until then to help get it moving? Any ideas? I constantly talk to him and ask him questions and explain things (like why he can't play in the trash and why he can't go outside in the winter with no shoes on), I talk and talk and talk with him, but he just doesn't seem to want/be able to (?) use actual words. Should I spend time every day using flash cards? What else can I do?!?
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  1. Our nephew was the same way. He would sign for things, but he didn't really SAY much for a long time... He knew what things were (like, if I asked him if he got a haircut, he would grab his hair), but I think he was around 2 before he started to actually use words. I think they worked with him to say the words as he was signing. Anyway, he's 4 now and speaks very well... Just took him a while to get started :-)

  2. Have you had his hearing tested? Charlotte had ear problems and it wasn't until they put tubes in her ears did she start talking. It happened almost overnight.

  3. Aidric's speech didn't really take off till recently and he will be three next month! I really attribute it to his new school. They do a lot of oral stories. His vocabulary has just taken off! Try to cut out as much screen time as possible. And most of all, DON'T WORRY!! It will come. I remember how Aidric would use sign language instead of words as well. Its my love/hate with baby sign language :) Also, try not to over talk things. P may just be overwhelmed by how many words you are using to explain things. Just a simple "No trash" can really do wonders. Soon he will start repeating back just those two words. Once he starts understanding the two, three word sentences then you can add more! The exception would be during those story times when you are free to be as elaborate as you want.


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