Random in....3....2........1...... - I painted my nails brown tonight. I haven't painted them brown since last winter-ish time a...

Random in....3....2........1......

- I painted my nails brown tonight. I haven't painted them brown since last winter-ish time and I LOVE brown nails. Last year, I looked at every store I went into that sold nail polish for the perfect brown color...after months of looking, I found it! :)

- As of tomorrow at about 10am, Porter will be with his Dad in Kansas until Sunday evening. I don't even know what i'm going to do for 5 days without that kiddo. Well, besides work 3 of them, of course.

- Thanksgiving will be spent with Jeff at his cousin's house. I'm sad that I can't be with my family, but when they live 3 states away, it's not so easy to be with them when I would necessarily like to be. So i'll make the best of it and at least I have him. I'm thankful.

- Speaking of going home, i'll be going back to IL after Christmas for 5 or 6 days. I am soooo excited to meet my nephew and see my other nephew :)

- P is getting closer and closer to the terrible two's every day. He is into EVERYTHING!!! He is now climbing onto things and getting into places that I thought were safe before. He's been climbing onto my sewing chair and getting into the cabinets that house all of my thread. He also took all of the pins off of the magnetic pin holder. He has taken all of the dvd's out of their cases and proceeded to decorate the entire basement with them. Then, when I tell him no and take things away from him that he shouldn't have, he literally throws himself onto the floor and "cries" for a second. UGH. But, there's good things too. He is mooing like a cow, he is ALMOST saying kitty kitty, when we call the dog in he yells "geeee" (like doggie I guess), and when he see me he says MOM! And the best thing ever? When I get him from bed in the morning, we usually hang out in the downstairs living room for a little bit. For the first 20 minutes or so when he's up, he will randomly come up and kiss me, on his own without me asking, like, 5 or 6 times. Like he missed me sooo much when he was sleeping :) And the other day, when I was attempting to nap on the couch while he played (which all of you parents know is pretty much impossible), he would come up and kiss me to wake me up...along with pulling up my eyelids and laughing, haha. I am going to be so sad the day he decides it's not so cool to kiss me anymore :( Yeah, sorry that paragraph was pretty long winded.

- I have really really been wanting to go ice skating lately...gotta plan that. Last time I went was when I was like, 4 months pregnant (and I went all by myself, it was great).

Aaaaand...that's all for tonight. I am now going to curl up on the couch and watch Parenthood, then join P in my bed (because yes, he's in there tonight) and get as many cuddles in as I can before he's gone for the weekend tomorrow :(


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