I LOVE summer. LOVE it.

I am finally over feeling guilty if I don't update my blog that often in these beautiful summer months... I've been keeping myself ...

I am finally over feeling guilty if I don't update my blog that often in these beautiful summer months...

I've been keeping myself busy that's for sure! My job is going GREAT! I love it- the people I work with and being able to be outside all the time, and the customers are pretty sweet too :) Last week I worked 3 days at the golf course and I nannied for 6 hours one day as well (luckily I get to bring Porter along to that job!). 

Last night I went to a music festival in Georgetown called Sonic Bloom. It was pretty intense, haha. Some WIERD people there that's for sure :) But overall, it was a fun time for sure. I stayed up wayyyy too late, oops. Our friend Kelly babysat Porter while I worked and then overnight while I was at the music festival. It was he longest time I have been away from P for and it was def hard, but a much needed break! Thanks Kelly you ROCK :) 
Anyways, I'll post pics from the festival soon, I haven't even loaded them onto my computer yet...

So the other day Katie and I attempted to fill my pool. That was pretty freakin' hilarious, haha. We ended up putting it on ground that wasn't level and we filled most of the pool before we really realized that the pool was way more full on one side. So I went and turned the hose off and not one second later does most of the water gush over the side of the pool...damn it! So there ended up being about 8 or so inches of water left in the pool when we gave up. After 2 days of nearly 100 temps, the water was the perfect temp! So when I got home from picking up Porter from Kelly's house, I blew up his raft thingy and I sat in the pool with him and pushed his raft around and he LOVED it :) Sooo cute! (pics to come soon too! sorry!).

So after reading this post about baby sign language on my friend Kelley's blog, it really motivated me to read up on it and get started with it as soon as he's ready. While I was pregnant I read a small amount about the subject, but never really in depth. But I think it's a FABULOUS idea and really hope I can convince Jeremy to study up a little bit with me so we can learn the signs ourselves first. I would love for Porter to be able to "tell" me what he wants without crying or whining eventually...that would be wonderful :) I just ordered the book "Baby Sign Language Basics" onto the Kindle on my iPad and i'm going to start reading it ASAP. I'm really excited about this!

Well, after all of that reading here are a few iphone pics i've taken in the last week or so...

Katie blowing up the ring of the pool

How I have to clean the house now-a-days

Hanging outside with his momma :)

My view from work!

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  1. Start baby sign language now! The earlier you start the earlier he will pick up on it!


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