A few blogs that are worthy of your time :)

This is not a sponsor post- it's simply a post of {just a few} blogs I read daily that you should take a minute, or thirty, to check ou...

This is not a sponsor post- it's simply a post of {just a few} blogs I read daily that you should take a minute, or thirty, to check out. 
Click on their banners to head to their blogs!

If you want to get a good laugh, this blog will definitely do that for you. 
Her posts are seriously hilarious.
Here are a few of items from her "19 Things Things You Must Know About Me" post:

1. I only practice positive discipline and gentle parenting techniques. Then, if those don’t work, I yell, bribe and make empty but intimidating threats until I get my way.
6. I used to think the purpose of a play date was to distract the children long enough that the parents could get a good buzz going through uninterrupted beer drinking.
12. My husband’s idea of “getting dressed up” is shaving his forearm so his tattoo shows up more clearly.
15. I believe women should stop distancing themselves from one another due to differing “philosophies” and join together in one united front against men, who are obviously the problem.
Go to her blog to read the rest!
 And check out this post and this post regarding her input on Google Search Terms that have brought people to her blog. HILARIOUS!
I only wish I could be as funny as this woman is...

Kelle Hampton is an amazing writer. And photographer. And especially, Mother.
I found her blog about a year ago by stumbling upon the birth story of her youngest daughter Nella, who was born with Down Syndrome.
I can not even begin to explain how so very touching it is. 
The best, most heart-wrenchingly honest- but beautiful- birth story I have ever read in my life.
Nella just turned two, and Kelle is trying to raise $200,000 for The National Down Syndrome Society. She is already at $190,000 and counting.
Please, go here to help her reach her goal. Donate to an amazing cause.

I just recently found this blog. Well, I should say that SHE found me, commented on my blog, and that in turn led me to hers.
It's the story of girl from the U S of A who lives overseas with her professional hockey playing husband and their toddler son. She blogs about the life in the hockey world, and about their life in the countries they travel to for that profession.
Her last post is hilarious. It really points out that living in another culture can be super difficult- 
yet quite entertaining :)

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  1. Aw, this is so sweet of you. I'm glad you enjoy my nonsensical ramblings! I'm glad I found you ... and commented!

  2. Thank you so much for posting about my blog! I really appreciate it and am flattered by your compliments. Also glad you did it because now I've found your blog. Enjoying myself greatly cruising around here. Glad we "met."

    Thanks again.

  3. Any time :) I love your blog...I haven't commented, which I totally should have by now, but I read it religiously...your posts often make my day!

  4. I am ob.sessed with Enjoying the Small things. I think Kelle and I should be best friends haha. I'm excited to check out these other ones!

  5. SugarblossomboutiqueJanuary 31, 2012 at 10:57 AM

    I love your blog! I gave you an award over at my blog! you can check it out here:

  6. Great blog sharing! I love it when people do the dirty work for me and scout out all the good blogs. Espeically love the renegade mothering. So hilarious. And your blog. I love your blog too!


  7. Haha, she does seem like a pretty cool lady :)


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