Jeans- love and hate relationship

Drinking and driving :) I've been obsessed with White Chocolate Mocha's lately (decaf of course) but they're gooooood. Even toda...

Drinking and driving :) I've been obsessed with White Chocolate Mocha's lately (decaf of course) but they're gooooood. Even today when it was almost 70 degrees outside :)

Jeremy and I went to Gordman's today so I could look for some maternity jeans (they have a bunch of Motherhood Maternity stuff there for cheaper). We walked up and I was sooooo excited that there were so many different ones to try on! I went to Target twice and both times they had literally TWO different pairs of jeans to pick from. No maternity jeans are made for small people, I swear. Even the smallest sizes I could find were huge in the butt and thighs. Good thing for me that my butt and thighs haven't gotten bigger really since I've gotten pregnant, but not good for me that no freaking maternity jeans fit me. But anyways, I brought about 7 pairs into the fitting room today, excited I would find some that fit. Well, some of them fit PERFECT everywhere...except they were ALL like, 4 miles too long. So apparently the only people who get pregnant are really tall too (i'm 5'2...and that's SHORT). So I fought back tears, brought all the pairs to the attendant, and walked away quickly as to not cry. Then Jeremy rounded the corner and asked how it went...I then freakin' cried. UGH. I'm just so annoyed with having to wear STUPID leggings every single day and not looking cute EVER. I explained that they were too long, and too expensive to buy and have to pay more to get them altered. He said "get them, i'll pay for them and pay to get them altered" He hugged me and talked me into going back and picking ones I liked, and then he looked up the closest tailor to our house, and we were off to drop them off there. WOOHOOOO!!! So after a meltdown in the middle of the store, I was happy and am now SOOOOO excited to own a pair of comfortable jeans, and feel like a normal person again! :) While we were there, I picked out a few outfits for baby Gooch and Jeremy picked out these two onsies, hehe :)

Here's the invites I made last weekend and sent out! (I can now post a picture because it's been 5 days since they went out and I'm assuming that they've all reached their destinations by now)..
I love how they turned out, and I'm very proud of them... :)

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  1. The invites look beautiful Joan! I know how you feel about the jeans...I am only 5'3, haha. It gets harder and harder to feel cute as the weeks go on, that's for sure. I am lucky because I was able to live with flowy, summery dresses with an August due date for Ari. Anyways, try They have lots of jeans on there that they don't have in stores. They might be pricey, but you know it is...if you can just find that one amazing pair of jeans, you wear them almost everyday! Also, they are having a pretty decent sale right now and their jeans come in short length!

  2. Just picked up mine at Old Navy two weekends ago ... they fit a bit better than Target. Good luck! I'm 5'2" and right there with you!


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