Early Intervention/Hearing and Vision Screening

About a month ago, I got the whole "Early Intervention" process started...for P's speech. Before they schedule an appoint...

About a month ago, I got the whole "Early Intervention" process started...for P's speech.
Before they schedule an appointment to see if he qualifies for speech therapy,
they do a vision and hearing screening.

So 3 weeks ago we went to that.
One of his ears ended up failing the screening- they thought it had to do with his cold.
But since one ear didn't pass, they couldn't pass him and referred us to an audiologist.
Then after they screened his vision, they referred me to a pediatric optometrist. 
They said it looked like he had an astigmatism in both eyes.

So today, three weeks later, we had both appointments.
He failed his hearing test again, because he is STILL sick.
She says he has fluid in his ears still, and that we have to come back again next month.
If the results are the same, we are to talk to his pediatrician about getting tubes.
She thinks his hearing is fine though.

A couple hours after that appointment, we headed to the optometrist.
Turns out he only has an astigmatism in one eye.
But guess what that means?
P is about to be a full time glasses wearer :)
This should be interesting, to say the least! Haha.
I am open to any advice anyone has to make this a smooth transition for him, and me!
I picked out some really cute frames, and he'll have them in less than 2 weeks.
I will def be getting a back-up pair or two...
(the glasses in the pic above are obviously not the ones I picked, ha...)

I am honestly really excited for him to wear cute glasses :)

Next Monday is his appointment with the speech therapist.
Hopefully this kiddo starts talking soon!
Not sure if I should be wishing that upon us all ;)

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  1. Sending happy thoughts your way! I have a bad astigmatism in one eye and it really sucks :( And my brother had ear tubes in the early 90s but I know they've come a long way with those, so hopefully if P does get them, they'll be easy-peasy!

    Good luck!

  2. How presh. Babaies and glasses are like PB &J...they just fit! Praying for good test results!

  3. Yes. Go ahead and wish for the talking. It will be fun.


  4. Thanks for visiting, I'm returning the follow! I pray everything turns out for your little one. My son had tubes when he was it's so quick and better for them. Now more ear problems ;-)

  5. Good luck with the glasses! Just make sure you are routine about putting them on first thing in the morning, so eventually it becomes natural just to wake up and reach for them. It took me about 3 weeks working with my niece daily for this to happen for her.

    Thanks for stopping by Theresa's Mixed Nuts. I am returning the follow :)

  6. He is going to look so cute in glasses!


  7. My son wears glasses too and my oh my, you're going to need a backup pair or two. I have two super cheap backup pairs because boys will be boys!! I wear glasses for reading and my mother wears them quite regularly so I made sure when he started wearing glasses that I wore mine around him and and I took him around my mom and brother who wear them so he didn't feel weird or different and I really played up the "wow those glasses are so cool" angle and it worked like a charm.

    Thank you so much for participating in our Aloha Friday Blog Hop!! I am following you, of course!! Wishing you and yours a lovely week!!


    Jean www.whatjeanlikes.com

  8. My son recently did an eye exam and we discovered he had a lazy eye. So now he has to wear glasses for a year to correct it. It is good to do these test early so the recovery time is less. I am following you now. Thanks for following me.

  9. Hey Joan! I'm here to follow you back! I actually work doing early intervention. There is nothing more exciting watching my clients start to talk everyone's ears off-- I imagine it's an incredible feeling for parents :) Best of luck on that new adventure!


  10. I was also thinking about wearing mine, I think i'll start now so once he gets his he'll get used to seeing me in mine already. We'll see how it goes!

  11. I agree, i'm glad I found out sooner than later...hopefully his astigmatism will correct itself over time!

  12. That would be a really awesome job! I'm interested to know what kind of things that you do? I've tried to look online and haven't found anything yet. He has his first appointment next Monday with a couple diff types of therapists and they'll decide then whether or not he needs the speech therapy or not. I'm thinking they'll give us the go ahead because he really only says a couple words at this point...

  13. Thanks for checking out my blog! I came to see yours and read this and as a parent with a child who went through speech and physical therapy and more for years I say good Luck on your munchkins journey! Dont over stress and remember that all kids do things on there own schedules. If all children were alike they would be robots instead of the amazing individuals we want them to be. Your munchkin is a cutey and will look awesome with glasses! Hope the words come soon :)


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