Well hello there :)

I know i've been MIA for a while. Lots going on at the moment. I've also been toying with the idea of starting a completely new blog...

I know i've been MIA for a while. Lots going on at the moment. I've also been toying with the idea of starting a completely new blog. I'm not sure yet if i'm going to do that, so I guess we'll see. I've also purchased my own domain (www.joanellen.com) and plan on changing my blog name to Joan Ellen. I am having trouble getting blogger to forward this address to my new domain name, that's why my blog has been offline or whatever for the past few days. I'm giving up for now and may end up starting a completely new blog using Wordpress and using my domain for that one. Or if anyone wants to help me figure this stupid Blogger/godaddy.com process out, I would be so appreciative!

I think I am also going to stop doing my InstaFriday posts. I feel like that's the only thing i've been posting for the last few months and it's boring me so i'm sure it's gotta be boring everyone else! I still want to post iPhone pics sporadically but I think i'll just pick a handful whenever I feel like it and instead of filling a post with Instagram pictures, use a few and write more about each one and what's going on around here.

Sooo. Happy Thanksgiving a day late! We had a great day, we spent it with a few friends and had an amazing dinner and an amazing time. Porter didn't really eat much, but that's not a big surprise. I made Butternut Squash Soup and it turned out delicious, i'm in love with it :)
I had his "house" (as he calls it) set up for a while, strung some lights on it, and he played in there a ton. We have fun reading books in there, and he also will lay in there and play on his Kindle too. It's put back away for the time being because we don't have much space around here for it, but hopefully someday when we have our own place it'll get to stay up permanently. I loved having forts when I was a kid and would like for him to be able to play in his all the time!
The weather here has been exceptionally amazing lately, considering the time of year. It's snowed a little bit a few times, but the sun comes back out and melts it all and we're back to dry parks and warm(ish) temps. That's one of my favorite parts of living in Colorado...even when it's cold outside, the sun is out 90% of days (no joke) and makes it feel much warmer than it is (and since we're pretty high in altitude where we live, we're also closer to the sun and it makes such a big difference!).
We went and picked out a Christmas tree today! Porter got to sit on Santa's lap and wasn't terrified this year like he was last year :) Santa asked him if he has been a good boy, and Porter said no. Freakin' hilarious. He says no to everything so I realize that he didn't really mean he'd been bad, but I was cracking up and so was Santa. I love our tree, and i'm really really excited to listen to some music and decorate it and the house tonight.

This week started out pretty shitty, and I plan on writing a post about that in the next day or two, but it's getting better and i'm trying to keep my head up.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.
I will figure out the whole blog thing soon, and i'll either be back here shortly with more posts, or I will come back and direct you to the new blog. We'll see what happens!

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