I got hair extensions. I've been wanting long hair forever, but my hair just doesn't ever grow long and look good. I've tried...

I got hair extensions. I've been wanting long hair forever, but my hair just doesn't ever grow long and look good. I've tried. Maybe because I bleach the hell out of it? Speaking of, I finally found a hair dresser that I don't think i'll EVER be able to leave. I've never really gone to the same person consistently. I've had a few hair dressers do my hair a couple times each, but then always ended up going somewhere else (usually because when I decide I want my hair done/can afford it, I want it NOW and if my "usual" wasn't available, found a new place/new person). So of course, that's what I did this time, kinda.
 I had given my hair a break, like, almost a year without coloring it. It was dried out and sucked, so I knew I had to stop getting it bleached for a while. But eventually I HATED my hair every day and needed to get it done.
So I was talking about it at work one day, to Pam, a pretty regular customer, and she referred me to Sam, at Hot Locks. I called and he got me in within a couple of days.
So why can't I ever leave him?
He blonded (is that a word? I kinda don't think so, but whatev), the shit out of my hair, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair super blond, like almost white blond...and my hair has never felt healthier than it does now. Usually when I get my hair done, within a week it feels dry and horrible and kinda looks that way too. But not after he did it.
So when I went in the next time, I raved and raved about how amazing my hair felt and looked after basically bleaching the shit out of it, and he told me that the bleach he buys is about 4 times more expensive than the bleach that most salons use. I'm pretty sure he told me the name of it, but I can't remember. 
And I'm never gonna leave him, so I guess it doesn't really matter, as long as he keeps using it :) 
Sorry, long looooong tangent I just went off on. Back to the extensions.
I kinda (just kinda) love them and will do another post about that soon :)
Sorry for the tease, haha.
Also sorry for the picture of my messy bathroom, 
This kid and this dog. SWOON.
I put him to bed and was on my computer for a while (we share a room, so I am like, 10 feet away from him when i'm at my desk and he's in our bed). He woke up from a dead sleep, sat up, saw Lola laying there, said "Lola" and then cuddled up next to her and fell right back asleep. I pretty much died. Then came back to life and took this picture. I love these two, and especially together.
 Boy boy boy. Loves tools. Even if it's my flower printed hammer. Haha.
 Friends. I hope Nora is in P's life forever :)
No words...

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