IPhone pic dump

Lots of random iphone pics:                                                                                                       1. ...

Lots of random iphone pics:



1. me and porter at breakfast
2. newspaper nails! so awesome. just paint your nails, let dry, cut out little pieces of newspaper print, soak nails in rubbing alcohol, and then press newspaper onto wet nails. then paint a clear coat. viola!
3. porter's birth announcement in the Tribune, KS paper :)
4. porter's favorite way to sleep
5. cute outfit
6. daddy and porter at breakfast
7. me and porter at breakfast

He makes the cutest little noises, I love it :)
He's very happy in the morning, and even in the afternoon, and about 5pm or so he gets cranky for a few hours. Not always, but often. Just wants to be held and carried around sometimes.

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