Porter's first airplane ride! :)

We made it to Illinois safe and sound :) Porter did AMAZINGGGG on both flights (we had a 2 1/2 hour layover in Kansas City). I checked the c...

We made it to Illinois safe and sound :) Porter did AMAZINGGGG on both flights (we had a 2 1/2 hour layover in Kansas City). I checked the car seat, but kept the stroller with me until the gate, where it was waiting right when I got off the plane for my layover. Soooo nice to be able to put all my stuff in that and push it around, rather than carrying my huge diaper bag and Porter too.
I also brought the baby bjorn, which ended up being AMAZING too.

During the first flight, he slept in it for a while (while I read), woke up to eat, then went back to sleep. He woke up again as we were getting off the plane and I went and found our next gate, changed him, and he ate again, then slept in the stroller while mama ate :) When it was time for the next flight, I woke him up to put him in the baby bjorn again, and he fell right back asleep...until we landed in IL. God I couldn't ask for a better traveling companion!

It was funny though- we flew Southwest (mostly for the fact that they let you check 2 bags for FREE), and on Southwest they don't assign you seats, they assign you boarding sections or whatever, and you board by section and choose your own seat. They board all the "important people" (or the people that pay more to be treated as such anyways) and then they do family boarding. So when I got to board I had tons of places to choose from. I would always choose an empty row. It was hilarious watching people try to NOT sit by me, haha. Scared of a baby those wusses. Little did THEY know that Porter is an amazing traveler and didn't cry at all :)

I only took one picture today, and i'm kind of sad. Sad that I will be doing a lot of these kinds of things alone and not really be able to take pictures...let alone have pictures of me and Porter doing these things together :(

Here he is sleeping in his stroller on our layover :)

And here he is with his cousin Alex :)


I have decided that I am going to take a break from the internet while i'm here at home. 
I need to get away from craigslist and the search for a place to live.
I need to stop checking facebook and letting certain things bother me.
I need to stop reading blogs that just make me sad that I don't have a perfect little family of 3 right now. 
I need to spend some time with the family I do have that I don't get to see very often.
I need to clear my head.
I just want to be happy for a while, for once.
So I won't be on Facebook. Or my blog. Or your blog. Or twitter. Or even my email.
I am turning off all of the "push" options for all of those things on my phone and will not be voluntarily checking them either.
If you would like to text me or call me, I will be happy to respond or chat.

With that being said- over the last couple of days, i've written a bunch of blog posts that are scheduled to post throughout this week.
I will be back on here when I get back to Colorado, and I'm sure I will have millions of pictures to post :)


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  1. I was at KCI on Sunday! I had to drop Nathan off for his flight to San Francisco. How funny!

  2. Take your time honey...I think of you often and how hard this time must be for you. This is a new chapter in your life you can invent and we (your blogging fam) are always here for you when you get back. Don't let yourself settle into a funk or anything though...Porter is counting on you and loving you and so adorable. He's lucky to have you and vice versa...

    I know we don't really "know" each other, but I'm at brixtonmakesthree@yahoo.com if you just want to say hi or anything else.



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