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1. on the airplane, ready to take off to kansas city (where we had a connecting flight). 2. hanging out on the ground watching people :)...

1. on the airplane, ready to take off to kansas city (where we had a connecting flight).
2. hanging out on the ground watching people :) we then missed our connecting flight to milwaukee (my cell phone time didn't change, so I thought we were an hour behind what we actually were) and couldn't get on another flight until the next morning, so we called a friend who lived nearby (in Lawrence) and stayed the night with them.
3. trying a pickle. sucked that thing DRY. he loved it!
4. friends kitty.
5. waiting to get on the plane in the morning, tired baby.
6. you know you're in the midwest when you see this sign.
7. what got me through the morning.
8. darts with friends.
9. on the way to the zoo.
10. at the zoo.
11. grandma feeding Porter :)
12. cousins loving the tub.
13. me.
14. long story, but this used to belong to my grandpa (it's fake). my sister and I share it.
15. I went out one night, and this is what I came home to :) grandma's a little rusty on the middle of the night feedings :)
16. waiting to fly back to denver.

This last picture I wanted to post separately, because I kind of like the story that goes with it :)

We flew from Milwaukee to Kansas City, had a short layover, and then flew from Kansas City to Denver. Right as we got into Denver, we hit tons of HORRIBLE turbulence and apparently the weather was too bad to land, so we got re-routed to Colorado Springs. That meant we had to sit on the HOT airplane for over 2 hours until we got the ok to fly back to Denver. I seriously think someone up "there" really really loves me, because I have the world's best traveling baby ever. Seriously. He doesn't sleep much, but he just hangs out and looks around and smiles and laughs at people. So while sitting on the runway for hours hanging out, he literally made everyone's day. We were near the front of the plane, and at one point there was a huge line for the bathroom, and he made a new friend in every person who walked by, smiling and laughing at everyone. And in particular, this one woman (in the photo above) who had so much fun hanging out with him. The lady's husband actually got out of his seat next to her so Porter could sit there, and he stood in the aisle and chatted with other people. How awesome is that??!
Once we got back to Denver, we realized that our car seat wasn't with the rest of the car seats from our flight (we later found out that it never left Milwaukee). We went to the baggage counter and made a report, and while doing so, we talked about how happy Porter still was considering the re-route and stuff. The lady at the counter mentioned that there had been an older woman in there that was talking about this little boy on her flight, and that it was the best flight she had been on in a long time. She was talking about Porter!! So even though the flight was re-routed, people were cranky, it was hot and uncomfortable, and we had no food besides peanuts and pretzels, Porter made this woman's day. Wow. That is incredible to me. He honestly made an otherwise crappy situation, bearable for so many people :)

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  1. So going through these I stopped at number four and went "That looks a lot like Dexter." Yep a little slow this evening.

  2. Ahhh..that's such a sweet story. I'm sure you felt really proud of him!


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