Cloth Diapering!

I finally did it. I went to the store and I bought as much as I could afford right now to get us started. I purchased a Rumparoos cover, a F...

I finally did it. I went to the store and I bought as much as I could afford right now to get us started. I purchased a Rumparoos cover, a Flip cover, and 12 prefold diapers. I also had a Grovia cover that I was given by a good friend. So 3 covers, and 12 prefolds. Oh yeah, and a Snappi.

I went into this local store here in Evergreen and the lady in there spent a good 30 minutes explaining every single thing she could think of about cloth diapering, gave me a cloth diapering "dictionary" (a print out of every term used in the cloth diapering world and it's meaning), and I ended up leaving that day without buying anything, but going home and pricing it out to be nearly $350 to "start" with the things I wanted. But when I was home last week in IL, my mom showed me how she used to diaper me, and that was with a prefold, pins, and plastic pants. I was like "Why the heck am I not doing that??" So I came home and 2 days later bought his first cloth diapers (at the store I had previously gone to).

So there I was, waiting all this time to be able to spend hundreds at once to get started, and do you want to know how much I spent? About $45. That's it. And I am successfully cloth diapering 24/7. It is seriously AMAZING. I am already so in love with it...I can't wait to start adding to the collection :)

Because we have a pretty small supply right now, I wash the prefolds and covers usually once to twice a day. Which I gladly do, because I feel 100% better every single time I change his diaper now!

So far, I really like the Flip cover the best (the green one)...less leaks in that one compared to the others. I also REALLY need some soaker pads for night time.

Cloth diapering is pretty dang awesome.

After I posted this, I got some greatly appreciated money in the mail, so I went and bought another Flip cover, and an Econobum diaper and soaker pad, and 3 more soaker pads. :)

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  1. Yay!! My gDiapers are driving me bonkers right now. I can't get the fit right and so we are leaking a lot and I'm getting frustrated..but look at you, kickin' it old school--with pins!! LOL

  2. We started with prefolds. And while so very economic, they just weren't for us. I'm an AIO kind of gal. However, my very good friend LOVES prefolds and flats. And she started with aio's and pockets lol! But her favorite covers are the flips as well! We use Bright Star Baby covers, but can only find them online. And we use a hemp doubler at night and it works wonders. I'm so excited for you! Just watch out, its super addicting :)

  3. We also started with prefolds. They were cheaper but I recently used some Bumgenius and loved them. Now I am trying to figure out how I can buy just a few more AIOs.


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