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This post is completely inspired by Laura over at Between the Lines.  Like her, I also LOVE my iPhone. I couldn't imagine ever havi...

This post is completely inspired by Laura over at Between the Lines. 

Like her, I also LOVE my iPhone. I couldn't imagine ever having another phone after having had it for so long. I had the old iPhone, and now I have the new one. The thing that I love the most about my phone? The APPS. Love love love them. There is literally an app for anything in the world you want to do! 

Here is a tour of my phone, and I will talk about the apps I use the most. And you never know, maybe i'll turn you onto one that YOU will fall in love with :)


On the first page, I have the things I use most. And mostly not in folders so it's one tap and i'm there.
iMailG: I use this email platform for my blog email address.
Words with Friends- the best game EVER.
Maps- I seriously don't know how I got anywhere before I had an iPhone.
Flashlight- I use this app a lot surprisingly (Porter sleeps in my bed so I use it in the middle of the night to get things from there, I use it when we camp, I use it in the car...endless uses).
Pandora- I listen to music pretty constantly...so this app gets used a ton.
MobileRSS- This is what I use to read blogs that post through my Google Reader...must have app for people who like to read blogs a lot!

In here are:
Hipstamatic- takes pictures and has tons and tons of filters.
Instagram- like Hipstamatic. I use this app numerous times a day :)
Diptic and PicFrame- apps used to make photo collages. Just found out about these the other day, LOVE them!

BlogPress- I use this once in a while but not too often because I hate typing a lot on my small phone keyboard.
PhotoMarkr- watermarks for your photos.
Expect...- my blog!

The second page of apps.
Clock- I don't use this as much with Porter here (personal alarm clock), but I do have it set to go off at the same time every day so that I remember to take my meds.
Simplenote- just a typical notepad.
CraigsPro- Craigslist, for your phone. Sweet.

Lots of photo editing apps.
PS Express- a lame lame lame version of Photoshop, but there are a couple nice features.
ColorSplash- turns color pics black and white and then lets you paint the color back into selected areas. 

9NEWS- I check this app every couple of days to get the current news.
Kindle- I used this a lot before I got my iPad, now I just use it on that because the screen is bigger.

Third page.
USBank- use this pretty often to check my account balance.

 viddy- like Instagram, but for videos. you can take short clips and then put filters on them and post them to Facebook or Twitter (or email, etc.).


Hope you found out about a few new apps! Are there any apps that I don't have that I should know about??!

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