Day 7- Things i'm most afraid of

{check out the link on the left sidebar over there <---- i'm taking part in "Blog every day in May challenge"} Day 7-  &quo...

{check out the link on the left sidebar over there <----

i'm taking part in "Blog every day in May challenge"}

Day 7- 
"What you're most afraid of"

I'll go a couple different routes with this one-

My biggest fear is getting into a bad car accident and being stuck and concious in the car with no help. Scares the crap outta me. 
On the same note, I get really jumpy in the car in general, when i'm a passenger anyway. When i'm driving and in control, i'm fine, but the minute someone else is driving I get super freaked out so easily. 

I am afraid of spiders. UGH. I hate them. SO MUCH.

I'm afraid of Porter not turning out to be a good person- i'm afraid i'll feel guilty down the road that I maybe didn't do the "right thing" when it comes to every choice I have to make as a mom. 

I'm afraid that {since his dad and I aren't together anymore}, that someday down the road he'll want to be with him more than me. That just makes me sad to think about :(

I'm afraid that I "settle" too easily and I don't always do what truly makes ME happy.

That's it for now. 

And P.S. my Macbook isn't working now, hence the lack of posts lately. I'm using my iPad as of right now and hopefully my computer will be fixed early next week. They have to wipe it and reinstall the OS which really sucks because i'm going to lose A LOT of stuff that I haven't backed up recently, but hey, at least i'll have a working computer again. 

Another small update- i'm not moving into that house in Denver anymore. I have a couple of options at this point and need to figure out soon what to do, but in the meantime i'm really sad about not getting that house- I had so many plans for it already, it sucks. And my other options at this point are to move in with other people, and i'm not looking forward to that...I really wanted to start fresh in a new place. Oh well. Hopefully soon, like, within a couple/few months when I can have some money saved to be able to do that. 

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