Jamcruise January 2010!

Oh Jam Cruise. Oh how depressed I am to not be getting onto that ship in 2 weeks :( It didn't really hit me until the other day that we&...

Oh Jam Cruise. Oh how depressed I am to not be getting onto that ship in 2 weeks :( It didn't really hit me until the other day that we're not going again, and it hit me HARD. Now every day I think about how amazing of a trip that was and am sooo sad we aren't doing it again. I even remember afterwards last year saying to everyone, "once you go on Jam Cruise, I don't understand how you couldn't go again and again." Hands down BEST TRIP I'VE EVER BEEN ON. Nothing beats a 5 day cruise full of amazing musical artists and groups. NOTHING. It's such an intimate vacation. You are essentially "stuck" on a giant ship full of amazing friends and artists whom you brush shoulders with all the time...what an experience! Here are a couple videos I found on YouTube, and some pics I took during the journey :)

A ton of people on the ship decorate their doors, and there's a contest for the best one :) If you've been on a cruise before, you might understand how boring it is walking down the looooong hallways that are so long and all look exactly the same. Well, when all of the doors are decorated, it's way more fun :) I even found myself going out of my way, as in, up or down a floor or two, to walk to my room or to the next show...just to check out new doors. Luckily, I got a heads up about this door business before I left for the cruise, so I took a trip to the store and packed my art supplies in my suitcase. I found foam under-the-sea stickers and colored paper and tried to make my door look like the bottom of the ocean. I also had florescent pipe cleaners which I used to spell out Jamcruise with, and magnetic letters. Those letters were the most awesome idea EVER. Every time we returned to our room there would be different things written, and some were pretty hilarious :) No pics of our room on here, but it was BOMB. We had a balcony in which we could go outside whenever we wanted. Right after I finished decorating my door, I was out on the balcony decorating that and the people in the next cabin over were outside on their balcony too. One of the guys sitting there was like "Hey, your door looks awesome, good job!"...yeah, he turned out to be Kyle Hollingsworth from String Cheese Incident. Well shooooooot yeah :) Even though I didn't win the contest (I think someone who used like, tons of lights and electricity won), Kyle liked my door, so really I'm a winner in my eyes :)

Railroad Earth playing in one of the indoor theaters.

One of the most awesome parts about this trip (for me anyways), was that going into the whole thing, we really didn't know many people on the ship. I loved that, for the fact that we ended up meeting awesome new friends (whom we have met up with and hung out with many times in the past year since the trip!).

Jeremy with some new friends from Nebraska! We met Chad (very right side of pic), at the pre Jam Cruise STS9 show in Fort Lauderdale the night before we set sail. The other guys are friends of his, who we ended up getting to know really well and hung out with the whole time. Such awesome amazing friends! We get to see Chad and stay at his house tomorrow night on our way to IL! And Blaze and Bones (3rd and 4th in the pic), moved to Fort Collins, CO (an hour from us) not long after Jam Cruise last year, and we see them pretty often :)

The guy drinking the beer...yeah, he's the bass player from Lotus :) Whoopwhoop!
And the blond girl on the right of me, that's Jordan. She was a friend of Chad's too...great times :)

Sunrise one of the mornings on the ship. Yeah, we were still awake for it every morning :) One morning, we were supposed to be pulling into the Cayman Islands at 9:30am and Jeremy and I ended up falling asleep on the upper deck about an hour before we ported...we even saw the Islands from afar before we fell asleep. Needless to say, we ended up getting really sunburnt and didn't even get off the ship onto the Islands, haha. Ooooops.

A couple of the concerts at night time. There is nothing better than dancing to an amazing band while being in the middle of the ocean...literally seeing it on every single side of you. Shoot yeah.

Our huge ship :)

Oh Jam Cruise. How I will miss thee this year :(
See you next year, WE PROMISE!!!!

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  1. It must have been a blast in the Jam cruise and sorry to hear you weren't there but you still have next year! :) Hope you still had a wonderful holiday even though you were not on the cruise. And may you have a great new year. Hey I voted for you!


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