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Sorry for the lack of posts! Because i'm up feeding Porter every 2 hours at night, I try to nap during the day...and doing that, along w...

Sorry for the lack of posts! Because i'm up feeding Porter every 2 hours at night, I try to nap during the day...and doing that, along with 98208798 other baby things that I'm doing- leaves me not a lot of "me" time (or blogging time anyways).

He's doing excellent :) We had a pediatrician appt yesterday and it went great. He is now 5 lbs 12 ounces (that's over 12 ounces he's gained since he got home!) and he's grown an inch and a half lengthwise (he was born at 17.25 and is now 18.75). It has everything to do with the fact that he EATS AND EATS AND EATS. Luckily I produce plenty of milk for him! Although he still has a hard time latching on (I pump for every meal and try breastfeeding with a nipple shield a couple times a day). The doctor said that he may not be able to latch on very well until closer to his original due date, so cross your fingers that he figures it out because this feeding, pumping, attempting to breastfeed thing is EXHAUSTING.

Here's a picture of the mirror everyone made for me at Go Paint before my baby turned out so awesome! It will look great hung up in the nursery! :)

A preview of the pics Jamie came over and took the other day. Porter did pretty well...cried for a bit, but got over it! I was hoping he would sleep for some of them but no luck! But she got some awesome pics of him, I can't wait til she edits them and I get them!

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  1. Hi Joan! I've been following your blog for a little while but just read this post today. If it's any encouragement my first daughter was born a few weeks early, was also small, and I also had a hard time breastfeeding. We used a nipple shield for awhile and it was frustrating but she did eventually get the hang of it. I was able to nurse her for 7 months! I know how exhausting it can become, it's a pretty intense routine. I also motivated myself by remembering the breastmilk is especially helpful to her because she was early. Hang in there Mama! Your little boy is adorable and he'll do great :)

  2. beautiful post! i've been hopping around your blog. thanks for visiting mine.

    sometimes i feel like nothing but a milk machine... especially at the beginning! it's worth it tho. i remember with my first, there were so many times i wanted to give up... and then when she finally weaned herself i was so sad. looking back i was so glad for all that one on one time with her. and now doing it again, i definitely have those days where i feel overwhelmed cause Stone is nursing 24/7 it feels like. hah.

    glad i found your blog! Porter is precious!!!!

    -kristan @ adelynSTONE


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