{8 Months} || a little late ||

What's new, this post is late. I always wait too long to take the pictures and then I can never seem to find a good time. Oh well, b...

What's new, this post is late. I always wait too long to take the pictures and then I can never seem to find a good time. Oh well, better late than never!


You are now 8 months old- you have changed so much in the past month, as usual :) 
You are now army crawling across the whole house, you go where your little heart desires. You haven't figured out how to crawl on all 4's yet, but i'm sure the day is coming any time! 

We think you signed milk (twice) a week or so ago, but you haven't done it since, so i'm not sure if it was real or a coincidence. 

You are eating three meals a day, plus a handful of bottles. You have had so many different foods, I don't even think I could remember and list them all at this point :) You do love to eat.

You laugh, all the time. At the cat, the dogs, me, your dad, everything. 

You LOVE the Teletubbies. Whenever your dad turns it on (I don't really turn it on often for you, dad does plenty :) you get a huge smile and sometimes even squeal in delight. It is pretty cute to see you that into it though. 

You still sleep in my bed...and we both still love it :)

You can drink from a sippy cup, as in you know how to raise it up so that the water comes out (that's all that we put in sippy cups for you...sometimes I'll throw some melon in there to give it a little flavor though...). 

You are sitting up perfectly on your own. Enough so that I even let you take a bath without your baby tub :) You love it!

You still get a bath every night. It's become our routine and I'm pretty sure you love that time of day. Plus, you take a bottle afterward and fall asleep, and that's what works.

You started swimming lessons last weekend and you did so great! Mostly, you sat there in the water chewing on a diving stick, but you were content. You watched the other babies, and you even let us float you on your back without a care in the world...

You are interested in everything you see. And now that you are mobile, you check it all out hands on.

Napping hasn't been going very well for the past week or so- but i'm pretty sure it's teething. You wake up all upset, and all I have to do is rub your back usually and you go back to sleep. But no teeth yet! I think your gums are swollen though, so i'm pretty sure we'll be seeing one very very soon.

With every month, every week, even every day, you change and discover new things and sounds you can make and things you can do with your body. It's so amazing to watch, and I love seeing you transform into this little person :) 
Love you my peanut

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  1. Oh my goodness... check out that cutie! :) Happy {belated} 8 months Porter!

  2. Wow he is so darling! Just found your blog, and now I'm a follower! If you have a second to check out my blog, I would appreciate it!
    The Allred Abode


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