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 Hangin' out Swimming Lucy and Kitty kitty watching a deer Again Broncos! Bath time  For all to read (got this from s...

 Hangin' out
Lucy and Kitty kitty watching a deer
Bath time
 For all to read (got this from someone on Instagram...can't remember who though!)
P wathing Teletubbies
New car seat
 New fabric
Home made teething biscuit
Alphabet project started
Tent time
Trying to find daddy
Alphabet almost done
 Hanging out on the couch
My view from the tent
Alphabet done!
Bag for the alphabet
Next project in the works (come back next week for InstaFriday to see the completed pics of it!)

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  1. Great photos! Those apples look yummy!

  2. Evergreen?! That's so awesome! We live in Broomfield. How cool that we randomly found each other and we live in practically the same place with babies so close in age. So wonderful!

  3. Two things: 1. I love the photo of Porter crying in the bathtub. Haha, maybe it's a mom thing... and 2. Do you make your own baby leggings? I've tried repurposing my socks into baby legs, but they seem to always slip off.

  4. I just went on Ebay and searched for Baby leg warmers...

    this is the particular one i purchased from...I chose to get the 10 pack, but they have other options as well, and they have SO MANY to pick from! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Baby-Arm-Leg-Warmers-Toddler-Boys-Girls-Socks-Gym-Dance-Leggings-PICK-UR-LOT-NEW-/110749556905?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item5f782cc7e5#ht_19321wt_1141
    I did get a pair of the kind that is more poufy on the ends by accident (number 1 on the choices from the website above) and those don't seem to stay up as well as the ones that aren't poufy (like number 4). But I love them. I thought Jeremy would think they would be too girly, but he actually puts him in them all the time! It's nice now that he's crawling around...they protect his legs, and I don't have to take pants on and off all the time for diaper changes :)

  5. Well, now that I think about it, Jeremy put that poufy end at the top...it would probably be fine at the bottom though!


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