{9 Months}

Late, as usual (it was technically the 3rd), so we're getting closer to 10 months now, haha, but better late than never ;) Porter- ...

Late, as usual (it was technically the 3rd), so we're getting closer to 10 months now, haha, but better late than never ;)


I can't believe it's been 9 months. I say this about every corresponding month, but it's the truth. Time goes faster now that it ever has in my life- but it's amazing watching you change.

You are still army crawling around like a champ. No real crawling, but it's working for ya, so whatever makes you happy! You have pulled yourself up in your crib numerous times now, and on the back of the couch a bunch too. You climb over pillows, people, dogs, toys...whatever is in your way, you climb right over it.

You eat a large majority of food you can feed yourself, but I still spoon feed you a lot too. You started eating oatmeal a couple weeks ago and you love it. Along with spaghetti squash, Nena's spaghetti, and really, pretty much everything you eat :) Just like your dad. Haha.

You love to play with Lucy and Lucy's toys (her duckies). You take it from her and laugh and laugh and laugh, and sometimes you actually give it back to her willingly, it's the cutest thing ever. You love when other dogs come visit, you laugh at them all the time.

You really love Teletubbies, and that's ok with me. The second you hear that baby in the sun squealing, you whip your head around, and when you see the Teletubbies, you giggle. If that makes you happy, so be it :) (I was always pretty adamant about not letting you watch tv as a baby, but in the late afternoon when you are so cranky, i'll go with whatever works).

You are cruising around in your walker and loving it...you honk the horns and it's the funniest thing to see you waddling across the kitchen, with sound effects.

You are officially sleeping in your crib. It took about 2 weeks before you got used to it and accepted that was where you were now sleeping, but now that you are comfortable with it, you sleep so well (and Mama doesn't have to wake up every morning to my hair being pulled and my face being clawed, haha).

You are still a happy happy baby. You "talk" all day long. I'm pretty sure you're saying Mama, but I don't think you've ever really called me it I guess, I don't know. You laugh and smile all the time, and are so interested in everyone and everything.

At your nine month appointment, you weighed 20.4 lbs and were 27.5 inches long. You are in about the 50th percentile for height and weight. Perfect :)

You are my perfect baby, I love you Peanut!

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