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This year, I love Christmas more than I have for sooo long. When you "grow up", Christmas loses so much of it's magic...but o...

This year, I love Christmas more than I have for sooo long. When you "grow up", Christmas loses so much of it's magic...but once you have a child, I feel like it's up to you to bring that magic into their little lives :) 

So while Porter is only 9 months old (THAT post coming soon I promise!), I don't care if he doesn't get it yet- but it creates this "atmosphere" and I really believe he can sense it (or something along those lines!). 

I've been busy creating a lot of my own decorations with things I {mostly} already had. And if I bought stuff, it was cheap.

 Pinecone Garland
I went into my yard (the day before it dumped a TON of snow), and filled up a bag with pinecones. I then laid them onto a tarp on their sides and spray painted one side white (two coats) and then flipped them over and painted the other side red (two coats). Once they were dry, I mixed Elmer's Glue with water (to thin it out a lot) and put the glue onto a plate, and filled another plate with glitter. I then rolled each pinecone in the glue, and then the glitter, and set them right side up to dry. Once dry, I tied them to fishing line and hung them from a piece of twine. Easy peasy.

 I made these ornaments, which I have a tutorial for here.

 I printed this print that I found on Pinterest and framed it.

 I created this print myself (I love the movie Elf!). If you want it, I can email it to you!
And that's Billy. Aka Bill Nershi of The String Cheese Incident. He always hangs out in the kitchen, and I thought he wanted some Christmas flare :) The hat was made with felt, hot glue, and a pearl bead.

{Porter's Room}I also created these prints, and can also email them to you if you like. After looking at this picture right now, I decided tomorrow after P wakes up, I'm going to add some of the glitter pinecones to the shelf as well (I happen to have like, a million glittered pinecones left, anyone have any other great ideas?). 

 Doily Christmas Light Garland. So easy and cheap and pretty. I posted about it here.

Our lighthouse village. These used to be my Grandpa's, but were passed on to us, and I am SO HAPPY that Porter will have something from him :) There are 6 lighthouses and 3 different little buildings. I seriously love looking at this every day.

And of course our Christmas Tree :)
It's not perfect...but it's ours and I love it.

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  1. LOVE that print you created and the pinecones! yay for christmas!!

  2. love the prints....can you email them to me? ptroup24@gmail.com


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