As of yesterday I am now at 30 weeks along! WOOHOO! :) So let's update: - I have only gotten hives like, once in the past month! So th...

As of yesterday I am now at 30 weeks along! WOOHOO! :)

So let's update:
- I have only gotten hives like, once in the past month! So they're pretty much gone...so weird though. Wonder why I ever got them and what they were from? Hmm. Probably won't ever know!

- I've been sleeping better, but still CAN NOT sleep past about 8am, even when I have nothing to do all day. Sucks, but at least i'm not waking up in the middle of the night anymore and not being able to go back to sleep. Some nights I make it up past 10 or 10:30, but usually not!

- Baby is moving around numerous times a day...sometimes in the morning and afternoon, but a lot more often in the early evening. Sometimes I just sit there and stare at my belly...it's so awesome to see...makes it that much more real! And yesterday he kicked me in the ribs for the first time...doesn't feel too great!

- I listen to his heartbeat every day with the doppler :)

- I feel like recently I haven't had as good of an appetite as I should...I just don't always feel that hungry...but I need to keep making sure i'm eating good because apparently the baby will double in weight in the next 10 weeks, so he needs lots of nutrients to do that. The only thing I have really been craving lately is apples, which is good at least...yesterday I think I ate 3, haha.

- He likes music. Certain things more than others, but often times when I play music by my belly it makes him move around :)

So I got another package in the mail today :) My mom sent me a bunch of my nephew's baby clothes and I LOVE them! There were onsies, a couple outfits, a couple sleepers, socks, and hats. Opening that box and taking each thing out made me even more excited for baby to be here...I can picture him in all of those cute things already! AHHHH the next 10 weeks need to hurrrrrrrrrrry!

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  1. Hi. Just found your blog from She Breathes Deeply. I am 36 weeks pregnant and have also had hives! Unexplainable hives. You don't know how good it make me feel to read that you have had them too (I know it sounds horrible to feel good about hives - er sorry). Makes me finally feel like I'm not crazy! <3 Good luck to you and the rest of your pregnancy.

  2. My mother in law bought the owl mat for me...not sure from where though. I'll try to remember to ask and let you know though. But, if your mom can make it I say go for it! It is pretty amazing.

    Oh my gosh! So sorry to hear that you've had the hives for 5 months! Mine started about 3 weeks ago and yes, I wake up in the middle of the night itching like crazy. And yes, I take like 5 oatmeal baths a day. Glad to hear they are getting better for you. Every time I think I'm getting better, I'll see them pop up (mostly my legs). Doctor (and internet research) said it's from our changing hormones....blah. In case your hives come back, I have found that Benadryl (at night) and Claritin work wonders. <3 Jaymi

  3. Say good-bye to sleeping past 8 am for a long time. Sad but true. Also I had a dream that you and Jeremy got married and everyone from my high school was there. The reception was in a church and we all had to sit in pews and eat our lunch.

  4. we're just a few weeks behind you! we're at 21! love your header pics!! so cute!!!


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