The weekend

Haven't written in a while. Haven't really been in the blogging mood... Friday I drove up to Jamie's in Keystone and got my fre...

Haven't written in a while. Haven't really been in the blogging mood...

Friday I drove up to Jamie's in Keystone and got my freakin' car stuck in her snowy driveway right when I got there. Oops. Her friends came with their truck and towed me out thankfully. I then went to the restaurant she works at and met my friends Eddie and Alyssa there and had dinner and hung out until 10:30...LATE for me! haha. This guy did a whole Napolean Dynamite dance/routine in the middle of the restaurant, boombox with music and was HILARIOUS. He looked just like him!

Saturday I drove to Breckenridge to nanny and ended up getting my car blocked in their driveway for 5 hours because their friends got their car stuck in the driveway and it took foreverrrr for a tow truck to come pull them out.

I was supposed to nanny again Sunday, but the friends of the family I nanny for, their daughter had the flu and since I didn't get a flu shot (oops again) I didn't want to be around her, so I took the day off. I ended up going to breakfast with Jamie instead and then headed home.

We will not talk about Monday. Valentine's day SUCKS. Whatever. But the Bachelor was AWESOME last night, as usual. Except I'm kinda upset Michelle got kicked off because she cracked me up with her craziness. Haha.

And today I am nannying again. I looked at my schedule and I'm pretty sure my last week here is the week of March 22nd, so only like, 5 weeks of work left! Then i'm free to be LAZY until this baby graces us with his presence in April :)

I had a WEIRD dream last night. Me and Jeremy were adopting a baby (even though in the dream I was pregnant too) and when we got there, the baby was really not cute, shoot. Haha. It had a full head of red hair (not that red hair isn't cute, but in this dream, his hair WASN'T cute) and he had a baseball hat on, and had a HUGE long chin and a unibrow, and his eyes were REALLY far apart. I decided not to adopt him using the excuse that we "didn't connect". Haha. Such a creepy dream.

My mom called this morning to say she's sending a box with the owl wall hanging quilt and diapers and pillow...I should get it by Friday hopefully! :) I will then post pictures for all to see!

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