HORRIBLE, NO GOOD, VERY BAD DAY. for real. So i've had this chipped molar for a while now but it never bothered me, so I kept putting ...

for real.

So i've had this chipped molar for a while now but it never bothered me, so I kept putting off going to the dentist, of course. Well, in the past few weeks, it's woken me up in the middle of the night throbbing...but then in the morning it would be gone, so I kept putting it off. Well, last night around 3am I woke up with it throbbing again, like never before. And I couldn't go back to sleep. And it continued to feel worse and worse. I tried to sleep on ice in a ziploc (so annoying). Didn't work. I tried to put warm towels on my cheek. Didn't work. So at 8am when the dentist office opened I called and made appointment. Thankfully they could get me in today...at 2:30. But that still meant I had another 6 1/2 MISERABLE hours to deal with. Ahhhhh! HELL.

They did a couple of x-rays on that tooth (after phone calls to my OB making sure that was ok)...and what do you know....ROOT CANAL. So she decides to show broke, pregnant, emotional, in pain me a HUGE bill. So there I was, bawling in the dentist's office. Bawling because it's pay up or suffer in tremendous pain forever. I eventually got the money part figured out, and then had to call my OB again to make sure a freakin' root canal was ok. She talked to the dentist and ok'ed that as well- even is going to let me take Vicodin if I need it (so far so good, gonna hold out until/if completely necessary). So they proceeded to give me a total of 6 shots of Novocaine in the next 15 minutes. Half of my face was numb and felt HUGE (it is not uncommon for me to need extra number, I always end up feeling the drilling 2 mins into it, unfortunately).

Blah blah blah. An hour and a half later i'm done with the root canal and making an appointment for next week to get the crown fitted or something. They made a temporary one for now that'll last a few weeks until the crown is done. I will say this though- bring headphones and your ipod next time you need to go to the dentist. Made the time go so much faster, and relaxed me to listen to my own music. It honestly made the experience so much easier to deal with...

The Novocaine has now worn off, and my mouth is a little sore, but feeling SO AMAZING compared to last night/this morning/afternoon. No pain meds yet- but hopefully it won't feel bad in the morning, cause I have a feeling it may...

Katie told me a few weeks ago that Ronda (Jeremy's mom) bought a writing tablet for her computer, so I told Jeremy to ask her if I could borrow it to make my blog look cooler. Now i'm in the process of downloading all of the software, which includes Photoshop Elements and a couple of other editing programs. It also came with a bunch of tutorial videos to help me change the settings and learn how to use it to it's full potential. I'm really excited to use it! I think I might end up getting one for myself...and this is a good chance to try one of the brands out (it's the BambooCraft Writing Pad.) Does anyone have one that they prefer?

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