Morning :)

Pug sandwich :) Survey just for fun! Pregnancy Survey For Women Expecting 1. How many months along are you in your pregnancy ? 3 down...6 t...

Pug sandwich :)

Survey just for fun!

Pregnancy Survey For Women Expecting

1. How many months along are you in your pregnancy?
3 down...6 to go!

2. What was your first reaction when you found out?
Happiness and excitement!

3. Were you scared? If so, of what?
Not really...

4. Was it hard for you to tell others, or was it easy?
Easy...I was happy to tell people :)

5. Do you fear
Not much...I think it's just more of a fear of the unknown...

6. Are you having a c-section, or vaginal birth?

7. When is your due date?
April 17th, 2011

8. One thing that stresses you most about being pregnant?
Probably just being tired ALL OF THE TIME. IT SUCKS.

9. Do you know if the baby will be a boy or girl yet?
Not yet, but we will in the beginning of Decemeber!!

10. What name are you planning on giving your child?
Have a few in mind...but keeping it a secret until birth!

11. Tell me all of the names you considered for your baby?

12. Can you feel your baby kicking now?
Not yet...but sooooon!

13. Worst thing about
being pregnant?
Being tired all the time...

14. Best thing about being pregnant?
Knowing that at the end, I will have an amazing child in my arms that I created :)

15. Do you get morning sickness?
Yes. It is getting better though...

16. Do you cry a lot?
Yes...but that's pretty typical of me anyways, haha

17. Have you peed yourself yet!?
Um, no. I will not do that! Haha

18. Do you know anyone who is
pregnant right now, besides you?
Just some of my blogging friends :)

19. First person you told you were pregnant, besides the one who got you pregnant?
My little sister...I called and talked to her for an hour before Jeremy even woke up...

20. How was your boyfriends/husbands reaction to the news?
Awesome, huge smile and a hug for me :)

21. Do you have a nursery set up yet?
Not at all. We are going to use the room that I keep all my clothes in and stuff, which I haven't even started moving out of there yet...

22. What is the nursery theme?
I think nature...I want the room to be green and brown for a boy, and green, brown and pink for a girl. I want a tree decal (or two) and some bird decals, along with owl stuff too :)

23. Tell me all of the things you have bought for the baby:
Nothing yet...

24. Have you had your baby shower yet?
Nope...but i'll be having a few...

25. Best thing you got at the baby shower/or thing you hope to get at the baby shower:
Can't pick just one thing...probably a high chair or a car seat would be top priority though...

26. Who is planning your
baby shower or who planned it?
Katie is planning it here in CO, and probably my mom will plan one in IL...and maybe Ronda in KS too, haha

27. Are you nervous for the birth?
A little bit.

28. Do you think you will be embarrassed if your water breaks in public?
No, who cares. It'll be pretty obvious at that point what's going on, haha

29. Did you know that vaginal birth hurts for just as long as a c-section birth, after the baby is born?
No, but thanks for that.

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