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A lot of exciting things happening here at my blog! I decided I want to add some different things and I have soooo many ideas flowing right ...

A lot of exciting things happening here at my blog! I decided I want to add some different things and I have soooo many ideas flowing right now! 
I may even decide to change my layout too...we'll see! 

I have this over flowing amount of energy for the past couple of days and I totally have a confession to make- I LOVE coffee now. When I was pregnant I craved coffee and I had never liked coffee prior to that- so I would get decaf once in a while. Well, the other day I was craving coffee again and it was hot out, so I decided to make up an iced coffee drink in the blender. I went about brewing a pot of coffee (something I've done so few times I can count them on one hand...), and made 10 cups worth of probably way too strong coffee, haha. I then put ice, milk, chocolate syrup, french vanilla powdered creamer, raw sugar and the coffee into the blender and blended it until it just had little tiny pieces of ice in it. I ended up making about a galloon of it (oops) so I put it in the fridge. Shortly thereafter, the ice all melted completely and it kind of is comparable to the thickness of good hearty chocolate milk :) So for the past 2 days, I've been drinking that over ice and it's so good. Sooo good. 

So today I decided that we are having a garage sale- next weekend. We (mostly Jeremy! haha) have a lot of stuff that is in random boxes stuffed in some closet (or room, because we have 2 "storage" bedrooms). I've been telling Jeremy to go through his boxes for years, literally, and he never would. So today I took it upon myself to go through stuff and throw away garbage, and get rid of things we don't use but hopefully someone else will! I'm kind of excited to get rid of material things that we don't NEED. Jeremy has this theory that since we have such a large house, we need to fill it up with stuff. I am so the opposite. I like simple so much more. I have so many cute craft ideas and stuff for the house (thanks Pinterest!), but kind of want a fresh canvas, haha. Is that weird? 

And I can't believe i'm actually typing this right now, but here goes.
I am going to start working out.
{insert gasp here}
I can honestly say that I have never been on a "workout plan" so to speak. I've never dieted, and I've never stuck to working out. One summer, 6 years ago, I ran every other morning for about an hour or so...for about a month. A year or two before that in college I worked out a few times with friends from the dorms (mostly to go see who hung out there I guess, haha). In high school, I was in volleyball for a couple of years, and I coached peewee cheerleading for the city, as well as coached little kids at a gymnastics gym. I was a gymnast for a while when I was younger. I was also a cheerleader in middle school. I ice skated, rode my bike, was in swimming lessons, rollerbladed, explored the forest...I loved to be in motion. I still kind of do actually. But the point that I'm trying to make right now is that I've always been super active, but I've never actually tried to "tone myself up" or even lose weight for that matter. 
Until now. Having a baby is amazing- but my body? Not so much.
So I am going to start P90X tomorrow. 
Why P90X you ask? Simply because Jeremy already owns it, and i've heard good things.
I am at my pre-pregnancy weight at this point, but my body is so so so different. Places on my body are just, I don't know...mushy? Haha. So I don't necessarily want to lose weight, but I want my stomach back! :)  
For real. And that's why I'm writing it on here. Because I want- NEED- support and advice from you people who have worked out to accomplish something before. I feel as though if I put my journey on here, I will be less likely to wimp out and give up. I will try...for me. For you! :) 

Well I'm off to work on those awesome new things that are COMING SOON! 

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  1. Wow seems you do have a lot of energy! The coffee you made sounds soooo good I'm going to go make some.
    Found you through top baby blogs


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