I do not like Superman, Spiderman, Star Wars, or Spongebob. Am I screwed?

When I found out I was having a boy, this was honestly one of my first thoughts. I'm a girl, and even if it's stereotypical of me to...

When I found out I was having a boy, this was honestly one of my first thoughts. I'm a girl, and even if it's stereotypical of me to say, I did not like action heroes and scary looking aliens/animals/robots/whatever. When it comes to clothes, I will most definitely let Porter wear with most anything he likes (within reason of course). But I really do not want him to have a million Star Wars teeshirts, or Spiderman mittens, or even Cars 2 shoes. I don't like the cartoon stuff, I really just don't. I like homemade (my mom is amazing at making baby/kid stuff). It's funny because I did not appreciate that until a few years ago. My mom used to make all of my clothes when I was little and looking back, that is so awesome. I never had on the same Target stuff that every other kid was wearing (don't get me wrong, Porter def has Target clothes that even i've bought him, I just don't know how to sew). I will never forget all of the leggings I had with hot pink/green/yellow/blue lace at the bottoms- with hair scrunchies to match- all that my mom made me. And dresses. Fancy ones for Christmas and Easter.
As I got older, I become more picky and preferred the clothes that were "cool" I guess. Lame, I know. But now I can appreciate unique and handmade with love so much more than I used to. I really do plan on getting a sewing machine and learning to sew. There are so many things that I see on the internet that I truly feel like I could make, and i'de love to try! I just need someone to spend a few hours giving me basic sewing lessons, and I know I would catch on!

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  1. I'm the same..hate cartoon stuff..not a fan of legos and matchbox cars (but they are better than some stuff I guess!) Not sure how that all's gonna work out!

  2. no kid gonna want to wear hand made clothes over a spiderman shirt, etc. Probably will get beat up at school for it too :P

  3. So I never gave my son gender specific toys to pay with. I never wanted to influence him in that way. However, at 19 months, Aidric would rather play with cars, balls, and action figures. He still doesn't have any action figures in our home, but if we go to the store, he goes straight for them. And trains, the kid loves trains. Its funny how in this day and age so many of us try to keep our kids gender neutral and so many of them start to fill the stereotypical gender rolls anyway. At least mine has started to. *sigh


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