On sleep...

I posted about this on twitter yesterday, but I kind of want to bring it up on here. I got some good responses there, but I still wanna hear...

I posted about this on twitter yesterday, but I kind of want to bring it up on here. I got some good responses there, but I still wanna hear what all you other Momma's have to say!

Porter sleeps A LOT. Well, he sleeps way better when i'm here (he tends to not want to nap when i'm not around, like at work or something). But yeah, he sleeps a ton. Here's a breakdown of a typical day i'm here (and when I say typical, I don't really mean typical because it changes daily, but this is an example of a day- yesterday to be exact).

The night before: went to bed around 7:30.
10pm- Woke up to eat. Fell asleep.
2:30am- Woke up to eat. Fell asleep.
7am- Woke up to eat. Fell asleep.
9:30am- Woke up to eat.
9:30-11am- Played on floor mat, in Bumbo seat, read books.
11am- Ate a couple ounces. Fell asleep.
3:30pm- Woke up and ate. Hung out outside, played in Bumbo.
5pm- Fell asleep.
6pm- Woke up and ate. Took a bath, cuddled on the couch.
8pm- Ate and fell asleep.

Now, i'm not complaining AT ALL because Porter sleeping=get stuff done! But I worry that he's not awake long enough to actually learn things! Haha. Speaking of learning...we used to have his play mat in this really big window seat we have in the living room (it's about a foot off the ground) and yesterday, he was laying on it on his stomach and I was on the couch a few feet away on my computer. He wasn't making any noise, and I was blogging (go figure) and I looked over and he had scooted his self backwards and his legs and butt were over the edge and he was still moving a ton. I literally threw my computer onto the table and DOVE to catch him- and I did just in time! He cried for a second, I think because I scared him when I grabbed him so fast, haha. My heart stopped for a second though when I first noticed him. So now we really need to watch him and not have him on raised surfaces anymore unless we are sitting there with him. Crazy boy :)

Anyways, since Porter is napping (what's new, haha) I am going to sit here on the deck and drink my iced coffee and read some blogs and play Words with Friends :)

This might be in my top 3 favs of Porter thus far...I love it!

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  1. My grandmother was telling me that someone did an experiment to see if a healthy grown man could execute all of the same activities in one day that a baby does. He couldn't. It's exhausting work being a baby.

    I also heard a rumor that babies do all of their growing while they sleep. So, think of it as a spurt phase. And enjoy your down time, it won't last forever.

    As long as he's eating, happy, and meeting those milestones, I think all is well. I keep up with you guys pretty religiously and I think you're doing swell.

  2. oh, and your solar pool heater is wicked cool.


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