Last night we decided to start working formula into Porter's feedings. I originally was going to start last Monday, but couldn't br...

Last night we decided to start working formula into Porter's feedings. I originally was going to start last Monday, but couldn't bring myself to do so.

I was having some issues with supply, so i've been taking fenugreek tablets, drinking mother's milk tea, and taking goat's rue drops. And pumping every 2-3 hours pretty much (for those who don't know, Porter wouldn't ever latch and i've been exclusively pumping for a while). All of the above HAS helped, but the last couple of days I feel like pumping has taken over my life. It's such a love/hate relationship. I love that he's getting BM, but I hate hate hate what it takes to do so. It would be so different if he would have just figured out how to eat straight from me. But having to feed him bottles and then pump in the middle of the night is DRAINING. Literally and figuratively.

So we are now going to feed him formula for 2 feedings at night for the next couple of weeks and slowly transition to only that at every feeding. My goal was for him to get BM for 2 months (a good goal for me considering I never really wanted to BFeed in the first place). So I will keep pumping a couple of times a day, and using my frozen supply until May, when he will be transitioned to formula only. No more pumping millions of times a day.

I feel like I will be so much happier, but it also makes me sad to think that I won't be the one making his food anymore :(

The doctor told me at Porter's appointment last week that babies get 90% of the antioxidants from the breast milk within the first 2-3 months, and to not feel guilty if I didn't do it longer than that.

So i'm going to try and not feel guilty, and think about how much happier feeding time will be for me eventually, because right now I do NOT look forward it...and i'de like to enjoy that time we have together!

P.S. Thanks Kelley for your advice and nice words :)

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  1. At least you are doing it for as long as you can. I'm expecting my baby girl on or around May 12, 2011. One of my biggest fears is breastfeeding. Fingers crossed.


  2. Good for you Joan!! I'm proud of you!!

    You are doing an awesome job girl!

    And I can totally understand Latoya's fear of breastfeeding! I don't want to do it!

  3. i was just getting around to reading my blogs, so i didn't realize you had posted such a similar post yesterday. we just gotta be strong! :) and we should be given major props for trying to begin with!


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