I had a nice break, thanks :)  Life has been crazy and not that great, and I find that when I'm stressed out and not happy I would rathe...

I had a nice break, thanks :) 
Life has been crazy and not that great, and I find that when I'm stressed out and not happy I would rather just not blog...because I really had nothing positive to blog about to be honest. 
BUT I kept taking pics, so this post is loaded with them. 

I don't want to get too far into it, but this is what i've been busy doing:
Looking for an apartment. In Denver. I'm moving out. 
Things aren't working out here at home, and it's better for Porter to have two happy parents who are apart rather than two unhappy ones who are together. 
Honestly, it's been a long time coming.
So that's that.

I am actually really excited to have my own place to decorate and make pretty! I haven't decided on a one bedroom or two yet...but probably will end up just going with a one bedroom (if it's big enough for me and Porter) because really, Porter doesn't need his own room at this point. He already sleeps with me every night anyways...
I haven't had that good of luck finding one, it sucks. I don't really want to live in an apartment that doesn't at least have a balcony...I like to be outside, and it will drive me crazy if I can't just go out my door and have my own space outside. I would really love to find a house that's been converted into apartments, but we'll see. Like I said, I haven't had very good luck finding what I'm looking for yet.
I guess I just have to be patient and keep looking...
At least I do have a place to live at the moment, so it's not like i'm under any time constraints or anything, but the sooner the better...

So anyways.
Porter and I took a walk the other day...first walk he's taken :) He kind of slept the whole time, but he seemed happy.

My lame attempt to take a pic with my camera sitting on the trunk of my car and the timer set. I really need a remote I decided.


I tried Porter's Bumbo for the first time the other day. SO FREAKING CUTE. Haha. He's not quite amazing at holding his head up, but he's getting pretty dang good at it thus far :) 
(he looks so freaking tiny in it, haha)
So here's a couple pics of that, and some others too.
I love his "I still live with my parents" onesie, cracks a momma up.
And his Woombie...LOVE LOVE LOVES it. He falls asleep so quick in it. GREAT BUY.

We went to my friend Charlotte's house- it was a great fun time :) So happy to have a friend like her in my life (and her awesome family in my life too!)
He wore jeans for the first time, and they made him look like such a BIG boy. He's growing soooo fast!

Alright, well that's all for today. 
Glad to be back in the blogging world :)

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  1. Glad you're back! Sorry to hear you are moving out though :-(

    What part of Denver are you gonna look in?

    Porter is so freakin' cute!! He's tiny and I love it..and by the way..you are tiny too! You look great!!

  2. You are gonna want a two bedroom trust me! Sam and I had a 1 bedroom with Aidric and even though he was sleeping with us it was still very cramped don't forget about all the extra stuff like changing tables, etc.

  3. I've been looking at apartments in Denver lately as well (I'm a single mama to a six year old in Fort Collins).

    Denver is hard because it's kind of big and knowing where is great and where isn't is difficult.

    I'm really considering Thornton, what part is on your short list?

  4. Whoohoo!!! Glad you are back. I missed you 'round these parts. :) Good luck finding a place, and with everything else!! It's not easy being a parent (new or not), living with a boy, etc. You will find your balance and things will fall into place. :) That first picture of Porter in the bumbo is just adorable. It's totally a framer! :) And you look fabulous, by the way!! I totally need a remote for my camera, too ~ I lost ours. :/

    Okay. That is all for now. You're back. YAY! :)

  5. Glad you are back Joan. Sorry to hear about the not so great things going on in your life right now, but your are totally right; a happy Momma= a happy baby. Good luck in your search for housing, keep us updated!


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