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I was contacted by Comotomo to do a review on one of their bottles, and I was hesitant at first. Porter has only used Dr. Brown's bottl...

I was contacted by Comotomo to do a review on one of their bottles, and I was hesitant at first. Porter has only used Dr. Brown's bottles until this point, and we've tried a few other kinds with no luck. He was never happy with any other kind- or they leaked and made a huge mess. But I agreed and figured it couldn't hurt to try, and so I was sent one 8 ounce bottle (which arrived within days!).

OMG. This bottle has become our most used bottle now! 
Porter drank from it immediately, and seems to love it. 
He loves it, I love it. 
The thing that I love most? It doesn't leak. When he goes down for a nap, or for the night, he goes down with a bottle. And a lot of the time he doesn't finish it, and it ends up laying in the crib with him (unless I get brave and try to retrieve it once he's sleeping, but more often than not I end up waking him up and that SUCKS). With his previous bottles, if I didn't go get it immediately, he would end up waking up soaking wet. Comotomo? They never leak. The thing can be upside down underneath him and when he wakes up the leftover milk is still in the bottle and not all over his clothes and bedding. SCORE!

The nipples are shaped like a real breast, and even though Porter never latched well with me (I pumped and he always drank from a bottle), I am assuming that this would be a great bottle to transition from the breast to. 
The material this bottle is made from is so comfortable and easy to hold, for him and for me (although we are out of the me holding his bottle for him stage). He grabs that thing and holds on easily until he's finished. And speaking of the material- it's super easy to clean. As opposed to the Dr. Brown's bottles we've been using (which contain 5 separate parts that have to be taken apart to clean), these only contain 3 parts- the bottle itself, the nipple, and the ring that holds the nipple on. The neck of the bottle is so wide and makes it really easy to scrub the inside of it (it's also safe in boiling water, microwaves, dishwashers, and sterilizers). 
The only downside (for me) is the price. You can purchase them on Amazon for $16.99. To me, that's a little bit steep...but honestly, if you can afford just a couple of these bad boys, you'de be set.

Overall though, like I said earlier, this is our most used bottle now. He uses this for every single nap and throughout the night. WE LOVE IT!

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  1. Can I get the contact of Comotomo? it seems that is not working and I can't find any contact details to the company.

    He's who I talked to while doing the sponsorship...


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