* My worst fear is getting into a bad car accident somewhere that there is no one to help me. Scary stuff. * I used to LOVE Legos...

* My worst fear is getting into a bad car accident somewhere that there is no one to help me. Scary stuff.

* I used to LOVE Legos and I am secretly so excited for Porter to be old enough for them. I remember ordering free Lego kits from cereal box UPC's when I was a kid. So much fun :)

* I can walk on my hands for a long time. Like, I will challenge any of you to a handstand contest and win- hands down. Pun totally intended :)

* I hate socks so much. I wear them only when absolutely necessary and take them off as soon as possible.

* I can snowboard pretty well, but i've never skied before. And I live in Colorado. And have only snowboarded a couple of times in 4 years.

* I don't know my real father. Someday I would like to talk to him, or meet him, or something. It's this little empty spot that's always there and it would be nice to change that.

* I easily put things off. I keep a calendar on my computer with everything on it I want to do each day (things ranging from phone calls I need to make, to etsy orders, to "me" crafts, to appointments, to blog stuff) and every day, I move about 50% of the tasks to the next day. And then the next, and the next. But I do get a lot done, and I feel as though most of my days are purposeful, and that makes me happy. It's my system, and it works for me to be able to see the things in front of my face that I want to get done.

* I do not sing in the shower. I listen to music every single time, but I don't sing.

* I love love LOVE to read, but as I was saying before, I put things off, and this is one of them. Only because I know that when I start reading a book, I won't put it down until it's done. Which means I need a free day or two, and when does that really happen? 

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  1. I loved this post.

    And I love that you push things to the next day (do you draw a fun little arrow? Because I totally do).

    I love to read too...wish I had more time for it.

    Also? Jimmy has never been skiing...or boarding. And he has lived her his entire life!

  2. Haha. The reason why I use my computer calendar is because it's so easy to drag and drop things to the next day :) If I had an actual physical calendar there would be a LOT of arrows though!
    I don't blame him on the whole never snowboarding/skiing thing. It's overrated ;) I literally DESPISE having to take my boots out of my bindings all the time- SO ANNOYING. And it's always freaking cold! I'd rather be in the lodge drinking adult hot chocolate :)

  3. Haha, i do that with lists everyday!! I also do that with books, hence why i rarely read anymore!


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