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Meg, at The Kissy Pearl , tagged me in this thing, and i'm gonna do it :) RULES. 1. You must post these rules 2. Post a photo o...

Meg, at The Kissy Pearl, tagged me in this thing, and i'm gonna do it :)

1. You must post these rules
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random bit of info about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Let the people know you've tagged them!


1. I listen to music at least once a day.

2. I am allergic to mint gum. Weird, I know. I always get a taste bud on my tongue that swells up if I eat mint gum.

3. Speaking of mint, I really hate mint toothpaste. For a long time I used kids toothpaste because it didn't burn my mouth.

4. I still have my baby blanket from when I was born. It was in my bed every night until late high school :) Now it's being used in Porter's bed.

5. I am obsessed with tv shows like Forensic Files, Dissapeared, Snapped, 48 Hours Later, etc. I never get tired of watching them. I used to want to be a forensic psychologist when I was growing up...maybe that's where the interest stems from...

6. I can't wait for summer for the sole reason that I can wear flip flops every single day.

7. I want more kids. Maybe another 2 or 3? Guess that'll be a while...

8. I can longboard pretty well but haven't in about 2 years. One time I was carving down a huge hill and I fell and had a bruise that was probably as big as a frisbee golf disc. It hurt, a lot. But that didn't stop me! I still love it :)

9. I cry really easily. I get my feelings hurt really easily. I take things personally often when I probably shouldn't. I'm just emotional.

10. I have lived in 4 states in my lifetime...Illinois, Texas, Illinois again, Michigan and Colorado.

11. I've been in one bad car accident where my car was totalled, but no one was hurt, thank god. I've never enjoyed driving since...


1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? And why? I would love to visit New Zealand. To see real, live Kiwis :)

2. What is your favorite beauty product? Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation. LOVE it.

3. What would your perfect day include? Being with people who make me happy/I love. That's all.

4. List a few words you would use to describe yourself. Outgoing, caring, crafty.

5. What is your favorite childhood memory? Playing by the Fox River with my childhood friends :)

6. What makes you most proud? This is a hard one. Probably Porter...being a mom.

7. If you had spare cash and could donate to any organization, which would you choose? Any organization that helps abused children.

8. What is your guilty pleasure? Candy candy and more candy.

9. What are your favorite names? I love Porter's name, I have a friend named Bronson and I really love that name, and Holland for a girl.

10. What does your favorite meal include? Probably Chicken Enchiladas. MMMMMM.

11. If you had to choose one word to inspire someone else, which word would you choose? This is so hard! I don't know of one single word...I can think of a few phrases, but not single words.


1. What movie could you watch over and over?
2. If you could pick up and move to any place, where would you go?
3. Dream job?
4. How old were you when you moved out of your parent's house?
5. What color walls do you have in your bedroom?
6. If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?
7. What inspires you?
8. What is your favorite band and genre of music?
9. What was your worst nightmare and best dream?
10. When was the last time you sent snail mail and who to and what was it?
11. Describe the last time you got pulled over...


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{Kate @Discover.Create.Live.}
{Jess @Here Comes the Sun}
{Melinda @Jolinda}
{Jennifer @My Family of Three}
{Amy @Love.Bug.}

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  1. aww thanks for the tag! I too cannot a day without listening to music! I used to only be able to sleep if it was playing too... actually I had a night like that last night lol.

    My sister is OBSESSED with New Zealand - you guys should totally go together :P

  2. I LOVE this idea! Such a great way to get to know you. Thanks!

  3. #4 is hilarious. I slept with my baby blanket until Ezrah was born. Ahh...embarrassing but true.

  4. I loved playing by the fox river too! And riding on the back of your bike wherever we went! You made my childhood so much fun! xoxo

  5. Aww that was really sweet :) I had so much fun too!


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